21 Savage released his debut album Issa Album, earlier last week. First and foremost, I absolutely love the title! I think it was super creative seeing that everyone has been using the term Issa nonstop. I wasn’t much of a 21 Savage fan before, but after listening to this album, I understand why so many people like him. Don’t get me wrong “X” and “No Heart” are on my Driving Playlist, but I hadn’t heard any of his other songs until last week.

I played the new album on shuffle and the first song I heard was “Bank Account”, which is the second track on the album. This song is so dope, it is officially my new driving song. The song is about 21 Savage’s wealth and fame and the track samples Coleridge-Taylor Pexrkinon’s 1974 song “Flashbulbs.” My other favorite tracks on the album are “Facetime”, “Special” and “7 minute Freestyle”.

 “Facetime” is definitely a track for the ladies. It is about someone being too drunk to text so they ask their girl if they can Facetime instead. I like the beat, which is produced by DJ Mustard and both verses are fire. The chorus is “'I’m too drunk to text so can we FaceTime? I won't waste your time if you don't waste mine. Girl I wanna taste yours if you gon' taste mine, I won't take your love for granted if you don't take mine.” I like this song, because it has a super chill vibe.

 Another song on this album for the ladies is “Special”. The song is about 21 Savage being in his feelings and caring about a girl because she’s special. He talks about spoiling this girl and supporting her even though they aren’t in a relationship. I like this track because it isn’t as hard as the other tracks. We get to see more of 21 Savage’s vulnerable side.

The best track on the album has to be the last one: 7-minute Freestyle. The Metro Boomin beat makes you want to nod your head and just mean mug. At first I thought 7 minutes was too long, but honestly the freestyle is so good that once you get to the end you want him to keep going. He does little things throughout the song that keep your attention and I like it. His random ad libs and pitch changes make this track great. In the 7-minute freestyle, 21 Savage says the number "21" 60 times. My sister thinks it’s annoying, but something about it is so sexy to me LOL.  My favorite lyrics in this song is “Hey, your main b****, she gon' back it up, 21, that two-two-three gon' make you back it up, 21, that show money I just stack it up, 21, I'm real gangster, you just acting tough, woah.” 21 Savage delivers endless bars and concludes his album with a bang.

Most of the songs on this album are about living the thug life, wealth and women… typical topics for a rapper. Even though the album isn’t that deep, I like it. It is a good album with songs for the fellas and for the ladies. I’d personally be scared to attend a concert of his, but I will be a fan from a far haha make sure you check out Issa Album.

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