Last night was the Season 2 premiere of HBO’s Insecure. Last season ended with Issa’s boyfriend of four years moving out, because he found out that she cheated on him with her ex. Issa is seen crying on her bestfriend Molly’s lap and season one concludes leaving us hungry for more.

The show opens with Issa going on dates with men she met via online dating apps. She is extremely awkward (typical Issa) and every date seems to be going horrific. After these terrible dates Molly and Issa catch up and we learn that it’s been months since the break up. Molly seems less thirsty for men and it is apparent that Issa is just looking for a rebound. She acts like she is over Lawrence, but she obviously isn’t.

Some random events happen and eventually we get to Issa’s place where she is having a party. The whole reason she planned the party was so Lawrence could come over to get his mail and see how poppin’ her life is… this plan was a fail. Issa’s house party was getting out of hand and meanwhile Lawrence was on a date. Eventually the gang banger neighbor invites himself and his friends to the party and one starts crip walking (I was WEAK). The party is clearly out of control and to make things worse a trash can in the kitchen ends up on fire. This whole scene was comedy to watch, because everyone runs outside and Issa is left with a messy ass apartment. She basically had this whole party for Lawrence to see and he never showed up… I’d feel so pathetic LOL. However, lo and behold it is now 2AM (well I am assuming it was some ridiculous time) and Lawrence comes to get his mail! Issa sees him outside the peep hole and starts freaking out, but she opens the door and lets him in.

Now this is when things start to heat up! Lawrence awkwardly says he is “about to leave” but Issa is looking so much like a snack that Lawrence starts kissing her and they have sex on the couch. After sex Lawrence runs to the bathroom leaving Issa all discombobulated. Then Lawrence kisses Issa on the cheek and leaves immediately. This scene was so cute! I guess there is hope for them.

I am excited about this season. Molly dealing with sexism at work, Issa dealing with her job and Lawrence and his new bae… I’m anxious to see how this story unfolds. Issa and Lawrence can’t get back together yet it’s way to soon, so I’m expecting some more development there. Maybe there will end up being some type of love triangle? I saw Daniel (Issa's ex) in the previews for upcoming episodes… either way I know that Issa Rae won’t disappoint us.


Insecure is a show that a lot of women can relate to and I’m happy that HBO chose to showcase real struggles that black women face in the professional environment and in our personal lives. This show was much needed to remind us how much #BlackGirlsRock.

Michaela P. Shelton is Managing Editor of CSUITEMUSIC.com

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