Jeffrey Enebly, 28, is the founder of the United Tribes of Africa LLC, host of the popular Bay Area event, No Wahala Wednesdays. Jeff's goal was to bring more awareness of the Afro pop music scene to the Bay Area and UTA has successfully been doing so for the past year. With contributions from its members Domonique, Tamunosaki, Juan G, Onni, China, and Beth, Kieem Baker, Andrew Ho The United Tribes of Africa LLC has become a recognized brand. Check out the exclusive interview below!

What is the United Tribes of Africa?


United Tribes of Africa is an entertainment brand geared towards bridging the gap between Africans and Africans of the diaspora


What led to the creation of UTA?


Growing up I was always exposed to Highlife, Afrobeats, & Hip-Hop so I naturally took a liking to the more modern day Afro Pop and Hip Hop we have today. I’ve always had friends of African decent (like myself) and friends of the African diaspora and would attend events from both backgrounds. I love both hip hop and Afro pop and I always wanted to attend an event in the bay area that played both unapologetically but I felt the only reason most events didn’t have Afro pop was because most people that I knew weren’t to familiar with it and the people that were had to be in the know to even be able to attend the sporadic afro pop based events. So I decided to create United Tribes of Africa to expose people to Afro pop and for people who had already been fans of the genre.


What events has your organization thrown so far?


The events we’ve thrown so far has been No Wahala Wednesdays (every Wednesday night inside Parliament), a day party called How you Dey party (every second Sunday inside parliament) and pop up boat party called Cruise Control (on the Bay celebrations LLC boat)


What makes UTA events stand out from all the rest? Why should people come to your events?

UTA events stand out because of the black diversity of the crowd along with the why. most of the attendees know the purpose of the event is way bigger than just a turn up, it's a safe space for people to get more familiar with the sound of Africa without being made to feel less than for not knowing. I feel like people should come to the event for the experience from the music (provided by resident Dj Juan G), the dancing all the way down to the food. We serve a popular African dish from Nigeria called Jollof rice served by Lola Odunikan (Eko catering services of Oakland because we believe the quickest way to understand one another is to eat together.

How would you describe UTA's progress in the last year?


I think UTA is moving at a steady pace, everyone doesn’t know about our events yet so we’re always working on keeping our doors open to everyone by celebrating the different independence days of African countries to inform people of Historic African accomplishments.


You said you created UTA to help bridge the gap between Africans and African Americans. Please elaborate on how you are doing this.


I do this by just creating the space. Part of the gap to me come from people not being exposed to one another enough and i feel like these events create the right interaction.


Now let's discuss your signature event in more detail. If I am a stranger who walks into No Wahala Wednesdays, what will I see?


Coming into my event you’ll see food, people dancing, drinks flowing, the DJ spinning and me on the mic.

You said you want No Wahala Wednesdays to be a hidden gem. Can you explain?


Well I like that it's still not a known event because it has an underground vibe to it which causes the crowd to be full of people who are either interested in what we’re doing or completely supportive.


What factors have contributed to your organization's growth in the Bay Area?


Consistency... We’ve literally been goin strong for a year now. From the music to the energy we’ve always just made sure to deliver on all fronts.

What obstacles have you faced as an organization?


I feel like the only obstacle we had as an organization was getting started. We literally were faced with convincing people to come out on a day they normally don’t to listen to music they normally don’t hear on the radio. It's still a work in progress that we haven’t given up on.

How do you promote your brand?

We mostly promote through social media and word of mouth.


What are your five year goals for UTA?


5 years if not sooner we’d like to put festivals and concerts together. We want to build a solid Afro pop scene for the Bay Area and anywhere else with the same demand.


What upcoming events will UTA be having before the end of 2018?

If I told you id have to kill you (laughs jokingly)

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

To anyone that hasn’t been to an event yet don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.

To stay in touch with the United Tribes of Africa follow them on Instagram at @unitedtribesof_africa and follow Jeff on Instagram @flygerianjeff!

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