Jill Stein is a joke. She is a laughable person and an embarrassing presidential candidate. Several Clinton voters overly focused the blame for the election loss on Stein which has caused a backlash from leftists who are weirdly defending her. Stop it. Stop defending her. She’s not really a leftist, and she’s certainly not pragmatic. She’s literally nothing. Move on from defending or even mentioning Jill Stein at all.

          Jill Stein has a lot of weird views relating to anti-vaccine positions and conspiracy theories relating to wifi, but that’s not the reason to stop defending her. Stein’s views on defense and renewable energy are what’s actually embarrassing us all. In the last election, so these are up to date views, Stein wants to cut the defense budget in half and have the United States running on renewable energy by 2030. Jordan Weissmann politely described these views as “admirable” but they aren’t. They’re embarrassing. Not only are they impossible according to literally anyone who is literate, they don’t even make political sense.

          Bernie Sanders, who I’ve criticized a lot in the past (and, god willing, in the future), is proposing a universal healthcare bill that will fail and isn’t realistic (the bill doesn’t even both to mention how it will be funded), but it’s still good politics. Stein’s laughable policies are nothing. Why not just say eliminate the defense budget? Or have total renewable energy dominance by 2020? Why make pie in the sky policy ideas that are half assed? Who is going to gather and cheer over that?

          Leftists right now are obsessed with Hillary Clinton. It’s understandable, her election leaves a lot to discuss. Clinton fans themselves are obsessed with defending the campaign, for some reason (it was a bad campaign and everyone else seems to realize but the devotees), and trying to shift blame anywhere else, including Stein. The leftist knee-jerk to defend Stein is just resulting in the further humiliation of the far left. Instead, the far left should be doing in everything in its very limited power to keep its name out of Stein’s mouth; in lieu of that, at least stop associating with her, and definitely stop defending her..

Dylan James Harper is the Chief Political Editor for CSuiteMusic
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