What do you think of when you think of old school hip hop? Do you think of specific names, or a specific style of music? The change that is being implemented in the rap industry is now being called trap, and as much as we love what’s being created today, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the artists who keep that old school hip hop feel. Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bada$$ is no stranger to the industry.


Very few rappers can be considered actual lyricists, such as Eminem, Logic, J. Cole and so many more, and Joey Bada$$ is no exception to that category. As an artist it is so essential to be versatile, however there are gems in this world in regards to the music industry that can remain the same and still deliver us with amazing sounds every time. Mr. Bada$$ has been in the game since 1999 and his selective style of rap from Brooklyn comes from being incorporated in a music group called ‘pro era’ (includes artists Kirk Knight amongst others).

A bit of a Bada$$, well these days he calls himself an ‘ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$’. That’s right everyone, his new album is here and he's taking names. With all of the controversy going on with America, Joey holds nothing back, and lets his demographic know, not to sleep on its issues. His song ‘GOOD MORNING AMERIKKKA’ is no exception to his smooth and classic R&B beats, his ability to keep his old school rap sound in tact, and also his ability to get our attention on issues he truly cares about.

“Now what’s Freedom to you? Let’s talk about it, take a minute, think it through/I’m all about it, but the concept seems loose/The cops will still shoot us down on channel 5 news.”

Joey loses no time, informing us how he feels, and incorporating that in his music, and that’s what makes this album exciting. ‘FOR MY PEOPLE’ is another track on this album that bops and also sounds like classic Joey Bada$$. This song is his way of expressing how motivated he is to stay true to himself, his colors, but still strive to be great and better. The transitions on this song are so smooth and subtle and really sets the tone for the entire album.

If you’re a true Joey fan from the get, or even a new or recent fan or someone who has never heard of him at all, I guarantee his sound will bring you back to that old school hip hop in new and exciting ways that he makes his very own. Features from ScHoolboy Q, J. Cole, Chronixx and many many more are really what makes this album all the more exciting. Don’t miss out on Mr. Bada$$ because now more than ever we need artists to tell us how it is.  

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