First and foremost I want to point out that Kanye has been saying problematic shit for a VERY long time, longer than Trump has been in office, so these shenanigans he’s pulling at the moment aren't really that new. They have just now come to light and now everyone’s seen Kanye for who he really is: Just a plain ass dickhead with a lot of (his wife’s) money. Once the Chicago rapper decided to come out of his long social media/industry hiatus, he decided it was time to get to know him a little better, to get to know the real Kanye...and this what we got:

Makes you say “Ha Ha Yeezy WTF” right? Admittedly, I thought the wacky Kanye tweets were comical at first, like West was just off his rocker, but his mental health should not be questioned-what should be questioned is the rapper’s morality.In the past, Kanye has always made controversial statements, but now more than ever his statements hold so much weight for other communities who listen to him- a big chunk of that community are white frat boys who also support Donald Trump. Kanye is creating a huge problem because he gives his listeners who also align with Trump, authority to be bigots and continue on with their ignorance. This is alot more dangerous than folks realize.


Two things we need to do: Stop blaming any potential Mental Illness for being the reason Kanye is tweeting hatred. If Kanye is in fact dealing with a mental illness then what he really needs to do is get off twitter and seek help  Say it with me: MENTAL ILLNESS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A HATEFUL PERSON! BIGOTRY IS NOT A SIDE EFFECT OF A MENTAL ILLNESS, BIGOTRY COMES FROM THE CHOICES ONE MAKES!
And Two: We need to realize that sometimes you can’t separate the art and the artist, meaning: Kanye West may be your favorite artist and now you will have to decide if his music is more important than his views- views he shares with other white conservatives and Stacey Dash.

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