Kaytranada and GoldLink: The Best Concert Experience This Year


Usually I am not the type to go to places by myself, but when it comes to music… anything goes! This year, I decided to start doing my #SelfCare2017 and one of my ways is to go to concert by myself and get the experience. My first stop...the Goldlink/Kaytranada concert. First of all I saw Kaytranda before last December with Pomo during the holidays and his DJ set was amazing! So having both incredible upcoming artists on both stage, I couldn’t miss it! The concert was during the time of Coachella which is pretty common for artist who are not often having concerts on the West Coast to have an opportunity to have mini tours while they are in town. It was on a Monday night in Pomona which was great because the traffic was not bad to get there.

The concert took place at the Fox Theater, a more intimate venue that I prefer because you get to have more up close and personal experience with the artist than having it at the Staple Center. Since it was in a small venue, the tickets were inexpensive and started later than usual concerts that typically start at 7:00pm.  


Anyway, with having these great benefits I had to make sure I got there early. It was all ages so it was interesting first pulling up seeing the various races and ages waiting in line to head into the venue.


While I waited in line, I met to girls who were very generous and cool that we wound up just sticking together once we got inside. The vibes were mad chill and you can tell everyone was there to have a good time. We even had a drink or two by the bar before going into the venue.

Of course with my single adventures, I always try and give good vibes to get good hook ups. I only had general admission, but I was so nice to the security guard that he let the three of us go into the VIP section of the concert. #winning.


Now of course before the concert starts everybody was turning up waiting for the first opening act to come on. The great part that I loved about the concert was there was only ONE OPENING ACT! It was Kaytranda’s brother, Lou Phelps, who performed his new music. I would say his set was pretty long but I think it was because they were still prepping for the next part of the show. Overall, he had a decent performance.


Now lets go to the next part of the show..... MY MAIN BAE Goldlink! Now mind you he just released his new singles for his new album “At What Cost”  that released in March, so I was all ready for my karaoke moments when he performed his song from the album. When he first walked on the stage, the crowd went insane. You can see how much of an impact he as created by bringing out so many various cultures into one venue. I also loved how he never leaves his friends behind.


All of his homies who grew up with him were on the stage and you definitely see the vibe when he performed Crew. The set was like maybe an hour and a half but it felt like 2-3 hours for both Goldlink and Kaytranda because of how many full songs they did in each set. From climbing on speaker boxes to throwing water onto the crowd, Goldlink’s performances were full of great surprises.

One of my favorite surprises was when he performed Last Night off his previous album And After That, We Didn’t Talk and brought out Masego, The Trap House Jazz King. OMG! He was amazing and he even did his song Bounce off his previous EP too. What I like about special guests is that once you get first introduce to them, you start to learn more about their music.

When Kaytranda came on the stage, I already knew he was going to do music from his latest album “99.9%” that released last May. He didn’t disappoint and even Goldlink came back onstage to perform the song he was featured on in the album. I literally was sweating from head to toes by the end of the night.


Everyone was dancing and it turned into a function or lil mini Coachella. I was even able to dance and meet Goldlink...IN...THE...FLESH.....I literally died on the floor and he is such a sweet guy. For him and Masego to be with the audience when Kaytranada had his set showed me that even though we are fond of these artists, they are still human and vibe to the music we do. That is how they are able to connect to their fans and I loved every minute of it as a whole.


The concert was by far the best I have went to this year. Made me even buy tickets to see Goldlink AGAIN in September. You definitely missed out on a treat!

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