Just over a week ago, the family of nineteen year old Chicago native Kenneka Jenkins reported her missing. Jenkins was found dead hours later in a hotel freezer in Illinois. Kenneka Jenkins was last seen leaving her house on the West Side of Chicago on Friday evening around 11:30p.m. She was on her way to a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.


Jenkins’ sister, Leonore Harris, filed a missing persons report on Saturday afternoon. In the report, Harris told police that she and her sister, Kenneka Jenkins, texted each other at 1:30a.m. that morning. Jenkins had not communicated with her mother or sister anymore after 1:30a.m. Twelve hours later Harris filed the report.


After searching the hotel, police found Kenneka Jenkins’ body in the industrial freezer of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Authorities say that Jenkins walked into the freezer and was trapped after the freezer door closed behind her. There is much controversy surrounding Jenkins’ death, however, the victim’s family is far from pleased from the investigation.


After the public pressured the police to release information about Jenkins’ death, they finally issued a statement on Wednesday of last week. The police stated that they are actively investigating Jenkins’ death and have been communicating daily with Tereasa Martin, Jenkins’ mother. As this investigation continues, Martin is only left with more questions.


The police have thoroughly reviewed surveillance video from over 40 different hotel cameras, as well as Facebook Live video footage that show Jenkins and nine others sitting in a hotel room. Andrew Holmes, an anti-violence activist who has worked with many police agencies over the course of his career confirmed that video footage shows that Jenkins was not forced into the hotel freezer.

Surveillance video allegedly shows Jenkins waiting in the lobby of the hotel while her friends returned to one of the rooms to gather their belongings. While she waited, Jenkins took the elevator down to one of the lower levels and wandered into the freezer. Tereasa Martin, however is not pleased. Jenkins’ family’s attorney has publicly stated that Jenkins’ family still has not seen footage that shows Jenkins’ willingly entering the freezer.


Based on the video footage from hotel surveillance cameras, officials believe that Jenkins was intoxicated. The Coroner stated that a toxicology report is pending and could take weeks. Across social media outlets, however, people do not believe that Jenkins willingly walked into the hotel freezer. Martin, Jenkins’ mother, has also publicly expressed her skepticism.

Tereasa Martin originally claimed that she believed Jenkins’ friends may have set her up. Martin believed that Jenkins was lured down to the kitchen and into the freezer. Martin was led to believe this because she stated that an industrial freezer door would be too heavy for her daughter to open, and that those freezers usually have safety mechanisms to prevent people from getting trapped inside.


Many people, including Jenkins’ mother and sister, believe that some sort of foul play has taken place. The fact that police have withheld information not only from the public, but more importantly the family, is alarming to many people. Therefore, blame is being placed on the police, but also on the Crowne Plaza Hotel for allowing the kitchen freezer to be so readily accessible to the public.


The mayor of Rosemont, Bradley Stephens has complained that the public’s speculations have forced the police to erroneously follow leads during their investigation. This incident further supports the speculation that Black men and women have gone missing for organ harvesting. Is it possible that Kenneka Jenkins was murdered and placed in the freezer for preservation? It is no surprise that people, including Jenkins’ family, are not pleased with the results of the investigation thus far and are demanding more answers.


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