1. What made you decide to start making music?

I started making music to express myself and to get sh*t off my chest. At one point in time I wanted to quit doing music, but my cousin's death inspired me to keep going and to push my music out there so the world could hear. You only live once , so why not pursue your dreams until they become reality.

2. Is there anyone in particular who inspired you to get into the music industry?

After hearing some of the people that made it in the music industry, I feel as if my craft is good enough to make it too.

3. How do you find the time to make music with so many other things going on?

When you’re serious about what you do you can always make time...with that being said, I always make time for my music.

4. In what ways do you promote your music and do you feel like you have a good following?

I try to promote myself but it’s not my style. I'm a laid back type of guy, I need promoters to promote for me and I currently only have about 240 friends on Instagram.

5. Do you have standard rates or are you open to negotiation if someone is interested in collaborating or booking you?

I’m open for negotiation if someone is looking to collaborate or book.

6. What do you enjoy rapping about the most and how does music make you feel?

I enjoy everything about rapping- the beat, the flow, the style and the art but most importantly expressing myself and letting this sh*t off my chest.

7. Besides your music, what else are interested/ involved in?

 Besides music I hoop. That was my first dream, to be an NBA player. I took the mistakes I made with that to help me succeed in my music dreams.

8. Do you have any projects or singles dropping soon? Give us the inside scoop!

I have a lot going on right now, it’s 2018 and the takeover is real. I’m officially dropping singles “Throw it Back”, “Smoking Hella Weed”, “Wanna Be Rich”,“Oakland”, “Don’t Call my Phone” and the “Feelings” mixtape coming before the summer so just make sure you tap in.

9. The song “Throw it Back” is a real party anthem. What inspired you to make this banger?

My cousin Lul Fred (the one who is featured on Throw it Back) inspired me to make that. When we were in the studio he said “we need a club banger” I replied “yea something that’ll make a chick want to throw it back.” We found a beat and the rest is history.

10. What are your opinions on the music out today and what makes you stand out from other artists?

I feel as if a lot of music today isn’t heart felt and real. People are not doing it for the love of the art and because it’s something they love doing they’re 

doing it for the money, the jewelry,  the women or simply because they patna or homeboy doing it.

11. Do you feel you will be able to flourish in the Bay Area as a rapper or do you plan to relocate eventually?

I feel I could flourish in the Bay Area, but at the same time I’m tryna get out the hood and see something different. So as soon as I get enough money, I’m out.

12. What advice do you have for young adults who are interested in becoming an artist?

Don’t become an artist for fame and glory or money,do it because you love it. Love yo craft love what you do and stay true to yourself.

14. Do you have any upcoming appearances or gigs?

Shows coming soon just stay tuned in to my IG KiD_Seals.

Michaela P. Shelton is Managing Editor of CSUITEMUSIC.com

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