Over this past weekend, Logan Paul, famous YouTube vlogger, thought it would be a good idea to post a vlog. Hold up everyone, this is not your typical ‘how to’ video or maybe a little something to make you laugh. No, in fact Logan Paul, amongst friends, decided to walk into, not only Mt Fuji, but specifically went into the area known as ‘The Suicide Forest’. Now before I get into the specifics of this incident I would like to go back in time and explain to everyone the history behind this landmark.

  This specific area located on Mt Fuji is called Aokigahara. This area is found at the base of the Japanese mountain and is also known as The Sea of Trees. The reason this area is so famous is the fact that many locals, hikers etc migrate all the way there to end their lives either by hanging, poisoning or overdose. Japan alone is known as having one of the largest suicide rates worldwide, and about 100 of those deaths take place within the sea of trees.

  The government of Japan is highly aware of the issue and have taken extraordinary measures, such as, increasing security cameras in the area, placing signs along the way so that individuals with no hope can turn back around, for example “think carefully about your children and family” or “your life is a precious gift from your parents”. There are also trails of ribbon and markers should someone change their mind about wanting to commit suicide and turn back. The forest has so many twists and turns and trees are so high it stops any kind of winds coming through the mountain, floors are so uneven due to volcanic eruption and hard lava residue and the trails get lost within other trails making it what is known as ‘the perfect place to die’ according to a book left behind by a forest visitor called ‘The Complete Suicide Manual’.

   Going even further into time, (no accurate time frame) it was said that japanese families with lack of food and supplies would perform ‘Ubasute’ on their elderly relatives, which is a form of assisted suicide. Rumors are that they would leave them their in the forest to die and that those spirits also haunt The Suicide Forest amongst the thousands of souls that also chose to take their lives. It is very common to walk into the forest and come across either human remains, or possessions, such as shoes, clothes etc.

  So let me ask you, if you’re visiting a place with so much history and pain behind it, does it seem at all appropriate to enter with your vlog camera to get views and to pocket off of those views? Well Logan Paul sure did. Oh but wait it doesn’t even stop there, the young vlogger and his friends came across a dead body hanging amongst the trees and didn’t even have enough decency to stop filming. Nope, they thought it would be a good idea to show the body, laugh and make jokes. Shortly after the shock, Logan decided to take shots in the parking lot, still giggling.


    Logan got so much horrible feedback, the vlogger decided, what’s next, damage control. So he then posted the following ‘apology’:

‘In Shock’. The vlogger goes into what is known as ‘The Suicide Forest’ sees a dead body, films it for views and his excuse for laughing at the body is that he was in shock… Let me ask everyone something, we all make mistakes right? So what is the line between a mistake, and you’re probably just someone without any sympathy or compassion for other people? Well here are a few of my opinions: an apology for filming a loved ones dead body shouldn’t contain the word ‘I’ 19 times. Also, ‘I get views’ should not be your supporting thesis statement for your ‘regrets’ and a hashtag at the end continuing to gas yourself up isn't exactly my way of sending anyone your condolences or practicing any type of humility, but that's just me. Now time will pass and Logan will move on from this and some of you will actually make it a point to follow him because if im keeping it real many of us had no idea who the hell this dude was prior to this incident.

  It will make him more famous, it will perpetuate many of you to justify his actions further than he already has, it will make his fan base even stronger and some things are inevitable. We live in times where people prefer to follow drama as opposed to following any type of morals or values and, you know what, that’s okay, I know I can’t change the whole world and its views and that’s fine. But if anyone can take one thing from this is to please have empathy for others. Have the decency and respect to walk away from situations that do not directly involve you, if you think you can impact a life by saying a few kind words, please do so and make sure to keep suicide awareness in your hearts because it is a pressing issue. And here at csuitemusic, our deepest condolences to the family, friends, loved ones of the individual that was shown in this video and may you rest completely in peace.     

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