In his first interview since, what is widely to be, his wrongful incarceration, Meek Mill spoke to RollingStone about how he’s holding up inside and his plans for when he gets out.

Locked up in the Chester, Pennsylvania, state prison, Meek says he won’t allow any of his family to come visit him.


“If they see me like this — f–ked-up beard, hair all ganked — then it’s like I’m really in here. Which I’m not.” the 30 year old rapper explained.


Meek has been locked up since late 2017 when a Philadelphia judge Genece Brinkley sent him back to jail for what she saw as a violation of his parole after he popped a wheelie on a dirt-bike while in New York, City.


Brinkley locked Meek up despite the fact that both his probation officer and the district attorney stated that they did not recommend jail time for the offense, which went from a felony, to a misdemeanor, to eventually being dismissed altogether.


But Meek wants to use his story to shed light on the corruption within the criminal justice system.


“There’s brothers locked down that did nothing to be here but piss off people like Brinkley,” Meek said during the interview. “I want to speak on this system and what it does to black people — on both f–king sides of the fence.”


When he is released from prison - which we hope is sooner rather than later - Mill says he will not be returning to his hometown of Philly. At least not to live.

The Maybach Music Group rapper told RollingStone that he will be moving to Atlanta.


You can’t blame Meek for not wanting to go back home. Let’s hope not only that he gets out soon, but that his case can serve as a catalyst to unveil more corruption in the criminal justice system that causes too many young men of color to unjustly lose their freedom.

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