Canadian artist ‘Nav’ and one of Atlanta's most sought out trap producers ‘Metro Boomin’ have collabed at what they call the “Perfect Timing’. Punjabi recording artist Nav, went viral with a hit downloaded to soundcloud called ‘Take Me Simple.’ He is currently signed with XO and Republic Records. Lately Nav has been through the roof with songs and albums, as he just released his own personal album ‘Nav’ this year, which hit number 4 on the charts in Canada.

His success is hitting a huge peak as he produces an entire album with Metro Boomin which comes with many features. ‘Perfect Timing’ was launched July 21st, 2017. Young Metro (Metro Boomin) is one of the top producers in the rap scene, producing songs and albums for other artists like Future, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Migos and the list literally just goes on and on.


Why you need to tune into ‘Perfect Timing’: It’s an impeccable combination between Nav’s high energy tone with his auto tuned sound in the mix, and Metro’s bouncy, trap beats that you will be begging to play at the club this summer. One of the songs ‘Hit’ starts us off with the famous line by Future ‘If young metro don’t trust you’ with a deep trap sound a fast paced beat, and lyrics of Nav and Metro providing us with all of these bangers and how Nav is coming up.


So not only does Nav get in on just about every song, A$AP Ferg and Lil Uzi collaborate on a track as well. So don’t get discouraged if you can not find it, the song verbatim does not have a title. It has an electric pop sound that is matched with a hard bass that makes up the perfect track to listen to on a long or even short drive home. Now let me ask you all something, have you ever heard of ‘Navuzimetro?’ If you answered yes, i know you lying because it was invented by the ‘Perfect Timing’ crew, and it is a song with Uzi, Nav and Metro killing it, that will have you boppin whether you want to or not.


More features from 21 savage, (rapper from Atlanta), Gucci Mane, Belly (Palestinian-Canadian rapper), Playboi Carti (rapper from Atlanta) and Offset (from rap group Migos) are all in this album that was hand crafted for your summer playlist so hit that add button on your itunes, you will not be sorry.  

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