Have you heard the news about the eight year old biracial boy who was hanged late last month? You probably haven’t. Local police have worked diligently to keep this story quiet, as well as protect the criminals who decided to hang an eight year old boy. Since this crime is still under investigation, the victim’s name is being withheld from the media as well.


On August 28, the victim and his older sister were walking through the park when a group of white teenagers approached them. The teens began throwing rocks at the eight year old victim and shouting racial slurs at him. After the gang of violent teens finished taunting the eight year old victim, they made a noose from an old tire swing rope and decided to hang him.


Multiple articles have been written about this incident since it surfaced. And since the investigation does not seem to be anywhere near complete, some details get lost or amended in the transcriptions. However, after the teens tied the noose around the victim’s neck, they hung him from either a table or a tree.


The victim’s mother states that he was hung from a tree, whereas the victim’s grandmother states that the teens placed the noose around his neck and then kicked him off of the park table. Regardless of where the young victim was hanging from, the fact is that he was being lynched and that the physical damage in the photos were caused by these ruthless criminals.


The victim’s mother, Cassandra Merlin, was outraged. Merlin took to Facebook after the crime had been committed. A screenshot of Merlin’s post  is provided below.

The Claremont police department is taking their sweet time investigating this crime. There seems to be no need for an investigation. A group of racist teens decided to harass an eight year old child because he is biracial. After the teens harassed the child, they then decided to hang him. Those are the facts, so what needs to be investigated?


When it comes to hate crimes being committed against a member of the Black community, the police have always made the victim out to be the antagonist. Emmett Till, a young fourteen year old Black male, was said to have whistled at a white woman, which we now know was a falsehood, and therefore the white racists who lynched him felt that their actions were justified.


There is no doubt that the Claremont police department is attempting to place the blame on both parties involved, if not solely on the victim himself. Police Chief Mark Chase addressed the issue by stating, “Mistakes they make as a child should not have to follow them for the rest of their life,” according to various news outlets.


Chase went on to refer to the criminals who hanged the eight year old victim as children. This is infuriating people even more since the killing and criminalization of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin is still prevalent. People have taken to social media stating that Martin was portrayed as a terrorizing adult, whereas these criminals are merely “children”.


What about the eight year old victim? What about the turmoil that he is going to have to live with? No mention has been made about physical injuries, but what if damage has been done to the victim? And aside from possible physical harm, what about the psychological damage? Malcolm X grew to hate his white bloodline because of how white people had treated him and his ancestors. What if the victim generalizes the crime committed against him and begins to hate his white bloodline, or even his Black bloodline, because of this senseless act? The eight year old child is the only victim in this scenario.


No one should be surprised by this unthinkable act. Even though we are in 2017, racism still exists and the violent acts of racism are perpetuated on a daily basis. When the leader of the U.S., Trump, can defend the actions of the white supremacists who marched and murdered on the campus of the University of Virginia a few weeks ago, then how can this be shocking?


Olivia Lapierre, member of the Hartford Committee on Racial Inequality, stated, “I am not shocked that the incident happened. I am not shocked that it is in our community and I certainly am not shocked that public officials have not done anything. It’s more disturbing...and disheartening than anything.”


For now there is very little information about the investigation process being released to the public. What we do know is that the police are empathizing with the perpetrators and dismissing their actions as an accident. This was indeed intentional and the family of the victim has every intention of seeking justice.


CSUITEMUSIC.com will update the readers as more information becomes available.



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