Natasha Mosley is an R&B singer from Atlanta, Georgia. She wanted to pursue singing, because she grew up singing in the church choir and it runs in her family. She was discovered by participating in American Idol in 2011 and The Voice in 2012. You may know Natasha from her feature on the 2012 hit single All the Time by Jeremih.


In 2015 Natasha released her debut album, Rose Hall. Without any features, this girl created a masterpiece with 17 songs. My favorite tracks from the album include Don’t Go, Anything, October and Glue. Natasha explained why her album was titled Rose Hall; “What I did was take my grandmother on my mom’s side and my grandmother on my father’s side and I put their first and last name together to create the title. Also when I think of a rose, that’s my favorite flower, because it has so much meaning to it for me. Just it being a rose and it blossoming because this is my very first project. It’s like a rose just blossoming and opening up to everyone and saying “This is me!” Natasha definitely introduced herself with Rose Hall and this is an album where there is no need to skip a track. Her soulful and melodic voice will give you the chills and make you desire to hear more.


In addition to this album, Natasha has released singles such as Just For the Night, Face in the Pillow and Stranded.

Just last month, Natasha was featured on a track from Detroit artist Kash Doll’s new mixtape, Brat Mail. The song, Serious, is number eight out of the nine songs on the mixtape.

I felt compelled to write about Natasha, because she tweeted that her new album is on the way. Her sophomore album Live Forever is going to be so lit and I need everyone to catch up on her music before the album’s release.

Natasha is such a talented artist. Her, Sevyn Streeter, Lyrica Anderson and Candice Boyd are for sure the epitome of new school R&B. In an interview, Natasha revealed that she’d love to work with the artists that inspired her which are Justin Timberlake, Tank, Ne-Yo, Brandy and Tamia, so maybe we will find some of these artists featured on her album! Natasha has not revealed an album release date yet, but stay tuned everyone! You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @NatashaMosley.

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