Last Thursday, #Nicki Day was a trending topic all over social media- and for good reason. Rap royalty, Nicki Minaj, returned from a long (and for us Barbz, painful) hiatus, not only from music, but from social media, interviews, pretty much everywhere. While Queens rapper was in her year and a half hiding, Nicki spent her time reflecting, healing, and of course busting her ass in the studio. On #NickiDay, The Generous Queen finally showed what tricks she had up her sleeve, with new endorsements, singles, and a candid interview with Zane Lowe, where she tells us where she’s been all this time.


Before the drop of her new singles “Barbie Tings” and “Chun Li”, Nicki’s Mercedes Benz commercial released late March, starring darling Nicki:

“Barbie Tings”, one of the two projects produced by J Reid (Chevy Music) gives us a taste from back in her mixtape days, but with a more mature  sound, of course-perhaps to offer a bit of nostalgia to her day one fans (IMO a peace offering for making the Barbz wait so long for new music- but I digress). The artist comes with hard hitting lyrics and makes references to her beef with some artists alongside Nicki in the industry. “Chun-Li”, a homage to the Street Fighter badass character, this joint has a more thematic feel to it, a movie even- but Nicki starring as the bad guy.

But exactly how did Nicki get here?


Nicki knew she couldn't just pop up with all these projects without some context, so lucky for us Zane Lowe for Beats 1 on Apple Music, interviewed the rapper live as she speaks more on her “bad guy persona” something not necessarily new to the rapper. Along with talk of new music, her relationships with her coworkers at Young Money, Nicki addresses her beef with Remy Ma, how the non-existent beef with Cardi B became a rumor, and Nicki comments on how no matter which way she turned she was always the villain somehow.  

Nicki being seen as the actual monster in her own narrative-she saw this and decided to have it work in her favor, by letting it motivate her to get back into the studio and start working again. We anticipate an album from the artist later this year.

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