Culturally, young people of color wield a lot of power; we set the trends in music, entertainment, fashion, and social life. However, that power does not often translate economically or politically, as we're often underrepresented in both spheres. It's time for that to change.

The mission of CSUITEMUSIC is simple: to leverage our creative and cultural power to inspire and elevate individuals and communities to excellence. Many people ask what does CSUITEMUSIC stand for? The term C-Suite is business slang for “high level” or “top shelf”; music is a social and cultural force. CSUITEMUSIC strives to represent the highest-level of our culture: CSUITE = high-level. MUSIC = culture.  

Whether through producing film or music, or partnering with mayors or governors to create content to engage young citizens, this brand is unapologetically rooted in hip-hop culture. The belief is that the same people-power that moves entertainment, fashion, brands, and products globally can also become hard power and change communities for the better. ​


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