We will no longer see people posting #FreeGhost on social media, because he is finally out! Things heated up on Power, Season 4 episode 5, which was expected because we are officially mid season. For five weeks we have been waiting for Ghost to get out of jail and finally the time has come. 

The episode started with Angela talking to her sister Paz. She exlains to Paz that she doesn’t think that Ghost is guilty. This all comes after she watches the surveillance tape at Truth days following up to his arrest. The fact that Angela thought Ghost would be sloppy enough to leave his gun at Truth is still beyond me. I have been watching Power since day one and Ghost has always been smooth with everything. Even though he was dating a cop, he still never got caught up, so why would he suddenly be so sloppy? Come on now Ang.

The episode continues and we find Ghost back in the court room. Tasha is warned that she may have to testify against him, because there is new evidence. However, Ghost ends up testifying instead. His attorney Silver questioned him and all the answers Ghost provided would make anyone believe he was innocent.  After that Mike (the man who actually killed Greg) came and chewed him apart with a whole fabricated narrative of his motives for killing Greg. Yeah… that was kind of hard to watch, no lie. Even though we know Ghost will eventually get out of jail, these court scenes just make me nervous sometimes LOL.

Now we fast forward to Ghost being in the prison work out room. He is punching the hell out of a punching bag and Charlie Murphy’s character ( the prison guard) comes in and starts antagonizing him as usual. Ghost losses it and kills Charlie Murphy’s character (RIP) with a weight and before Ghost has a chance to freak out and panic, Tony, the old man who has been his enemy while he’s been imprisoned, helps him cover it up.

Right after this we get to the climax of the episode… Angela finally decides to change sides and testify against her corrupt prosecution team (what took her so damn long… I don’t know!). Her testifying is what gets Ghost free, but she also screwed herself in the process. As a rebuttal Mak came for Angela immediately bringing up how she was just as corrupt as the others because of another case. The judge, appalled at all this new tea, reacted by freeing Ghost and placing the entire prosecution team on suspension.

The episode ends with Tommy on his way to Chicago, Tariq held hostage in Kanaan’s spot, and Tasha calling Simon Stern who was begging the St. Patricks to take him up on his offer to help them financially. Why would Tasha (who is usually the smart one on this show) take up this man on his offer?! Girl did you forget how he tried to steal Truth?! We shall see how this plays out with Ghost out of jail and everyone else all over the place. Will Ghost find out Kanaan is alive? Will Tariq die? Who’s side is Dre even on? Hopefully we get all the answers next Sunday at 9PM.

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