Now, I would say that this concert is my version of your Auntie going to an R. Kelly concert. Yes… I SAID IT! This was my throwback concert with none other than Pretty Ricky. Let me say that I was SO happy to see them in concert because they tried to play during the times I couldn’t get tickets for the Scream Tour but that is a story for another time.

This concert took place at The Novo this past May. It was a great venue, not only because it is in the heart of Downtown LA, but also because how nice the inside was. The balcony was still semi-close to the stage so you didn’t have to bring out your glasses to see the performance. Now the prices for the tickets sold me ALL the way; I bought them for only $10. CHEAP! I would say before the tickets went on sale, I knew everybody and their crew were talking about going to this concert so their marketing tactics really helped sell out this show.

So, in my reviews, I will try and keep it 100. First, I personally didn’t care for the guest performances. The first performance was all over the place and I didn’t know who was the artist because his hype men outshined them. The next performance was a little better, but still flawed in some elements. The set was longer and even with some songs being catchy, the performance lost my interest due to the songs eventually sounding redundant. However, the DJ pretty much saved the day keeping the audience turnt up with his playlist.

After waiting for almost 3 hours, Pretty Ricky finally came on stage and everyone in the audience went insane. I’ve never seen so many people sing along to literally all of their songs that an artist performs. I felt like I was in Trap Karaoke with special guest Pretty Ricky. Anyway, they didn’t disappoint and performed all their classics from both Bluestars and Late Night Special albums. They had the original lineup with Baby Blue, Spectacular, Slick’em, and Pleasure P. Past member Lingerie, unfortunately, did not attend. Now I know that the group did not perform exactly the way they did in 2004, but I still thought they did a pretty good job as a whole.

There was a part during the performance where they had women come onstage and compete to get a lap dance from Spectacular. He did well but who really stole the show was Pleasure P.  Pleasure P also performed all his solo projects including “Up (R&B Remix)” by Loverance (if you don’t know that song then I’m going to need you to get your life together and go to a club... I bet you that song will play at least once). Anyway, he brought down the house when he brought that woman onstage and danced with her. And to top it off... she was not your size two either and I was here for it! #ThickQueens2017

Overall, the concert was worth my $10 dollars and brought back a lot of memories with their songs. I loved how Baby Blue gave a speech to the audience about their breakup, he said, “It was a blessing to forgive, put all the anger to the side, come back together and perform again for our loyal fans.” Now if B2K can just get back together...

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