One of the most enjoyable celebrations in the world is the annual San Francisco Pride event. The festival comes every June and is known for celebrating the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. It’s wonderful to see millions of people from all over the world dressed up in colorful costumes and holding posters that promote human equality. As I walked through downtown San Francisco on Saturday and Sunday, I witnessed many people with proud smiles on their faces as they mingled with others. One moment stuck with me while I was walking in a crowded area with my cousin. We noticed a young group of men and women with beautiful glitter on their faces. When we told them that they looked fantastic, they smiled and offered to give us some glitter. After they were done placing the glitter on our faces, they told us to have a great day before shouting “Happy Pride!”. That moment set the tone for how the day was going to be for many communities in San Francisco: a fun celebration filled with the friendliest and loving people.

Seeing so many people complimenting others on their outfits as they walked through the parade was beautiful. The festival near San Francisco City Hall had many sources of entertainment that kept the event hyped throughout the day. The different series of booths and dance stages allowed people to have fun with their friends and family while being introduced to the most energetic DJs. A young female from the Bay Area, DJ Shellheart, made the hip-hop section of the parade so lively as she played the best current and throwback West Coast songs. DJ Shellheart was full of energy throughout the day and had a wonderful, engaging presence that made the audience love her.

Every year, an organization filled with hundreds of women, known as Dykes on Bikes, ride their motorcycles throughout the parade. This part of the parade is iconic, because the Dykes on Bikes organization is known for spreading a legacy of activism and love for women in the LGBT community. The leader of Dykes on Bikes, Soni Wolf, ended up passing away two months before the 2018 San Francisco Pride Parade and was originally going to be declared the Community Grand Marshall for the event. Seeing many communities celebrate their love for this organization as they rode on the streets was powerful, because it shows that Wolf’s legacy will never be forgotten.

Choosing Kehlani as the closing act for the 2018 San Francisco Pride Parade was a great decision. Many people were able to relate with Kehlani as she spoke about how proud she was to be raised in the Bay Area. When she said: “Look at me. I’m an example of how anyone can accomplish their dreams. You all can do anything.”, the whole crowd was filled with thunderous applause. Being a Bay Area native, it’s incredible to see someone that was able to achieve success, knowing that this person grew up in a neighborhood near me. Her presence at the parade was engaging and inspiring; it truly felt like she was having a conversation with me as she spoke to the crowd. Kehlani’s voice sounded beautiful as she sang hits like “Gangsta”, “The Way”, and “Edge of Town”. She also did a great job at introducing other performers that were featured in her act. Just like DJ Shellheart, Kehlani knew how to entertain the crowd and constantly kept the energy at a positive level.

The 2018 San Francisco Pride Parade was an amazing event that millions of people will never forget. Watching huge crowds cheer as many people in the LGBT community held hands shows how much our society has grown. The San Francisco Pride Parade will always be special, because it’s a celebration that encourages people to be proud of who they are and will make everyone feel that it’s a great time to be alive.

Justin Coloyan is a blogger for CSUITEMUSIC.

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