The cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye makes the show a must-see event because they all have one common goal: to help people feel better about themselves by encouraging them to reach their full potential. The main cast, which consists of five gay men, refer to themselves as the “Fab Five” and definitely live up to their name; these men are fabulous at their job.

Throughout each episode, a different person is nominated to receive help from the Fab Five. Each person has an interesting story. A 41-year-old man, William, wants to propose to his girlfriend, Shannon, but is unsure of how he should ask her. Another man, Leo, who is a married father of two children, hopes to overcome his anxiety by bonding with other fathers at a parent-teacher party. The Fab Five are like a group of modern-day superheroes because they all have different sets of unique talents that help their nominees improve their self-confidence and determination. The fashion expert, Tan France, will win you over as he gives hilarious tips on how the nominees can develop a new sense of style. Tan’s presence is adorable; it’s great to watch his face light up whenever the nominees state that they feel more confident in their new clothes. Karamo Brown is also a standout as the show’s culture expert. When Karamo gives empowering advice to the nominees on how they can better their lives, it will feel like he is also having a conversation with you.

One of the most powerful episodes in Season 2 is when the Fab Five help prepare a church homecoming event for a woman named Tammye. She expresses to the group that she wants everyone to feel love when they enter the church, especially for her gay son, Myles, who feels that he will not be welcomed. This episode focuses on how it can be terrifying for gay men to interact with a religious community. You will feel for the design expert, Bobby Berk, when he reveals to Tammye that his church rejected him as a teenager after he revealed that he was gay. It’s amazing to watch the Georgia community welcome the Fab Five into their church. When Bobby helps transform their church into a beautiful community center, you will be proud of him.

The highlight of the church episode features the emotional speech Tammye delivers to her community: “How can I say that I love God but I cannot love the ones who are right there next to me? I would call myself a hypocrite. And I say I was around five gay men, I was around six. My son walked away from the church, you know, and it’s been my prayer that he comes here and feels the love. The love that surrounds me every Sunday. Do I love Jesus? Yes. Am I a believer? Yes. Do I love my son? Yes, yes, yes!”.  Tammye’s speech is powerful and represents the positive reaction that most people would love to receive after they come out to their parents.

Although it is stereotypical for most Christians to be hostile towards gays, Tammye and her community prove that there are wonderful groups of Christians who will be accepting. What’s amazing about this episode is that the Fab Five and Tammye are able to experience and learn about unconditional love from each other.

A powerful aspect about Queer Eye is that the Fab Five also learn and understand new insights from their nominees. One episode features a transgender man, Skyler, who just completed his top surgery. His main goals are to change his legal identification card and throw a celebration for his friends that helped him pay for his surgery. A major highlight in this episode is shown when Skyler expresses to Tan that he constantly felt miserable and uncomfortable in his previous body before transitioning. Tan reveals that he used to question whether it was necessary for people to transition but after speaking with Skyler, he realizes that it was important for Skyler to feel comfortable as a man. This scene is heartwarming and will make you feel happy that Skyler embraces his new identity. You will root for Skyler as he becomes a more confident, self-assured man throughout the episode.

The second season of Queer Eye is impactful because it teaches audiences that everyone is human, wants to connect with others and feel loved. Watching this show will make you wish that the Fab Five were your best friends because they are all great at uplifting people. If you enjoy watching episodes that will make you laugh, cry and cheer in under one-hour, Queer Eye is the perfect show for you.

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