Rihanna has once again demonstrated the power of the #RihannaNavy. This time, the popular mobile app Snapchat came into their crosshairs. Last week, Snapchat came under fire for allowing an ad to run for a game called "Would You Rather?". The advertisement featured photos of former couple Chris Brown and Rihanna and asked users if they would "rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown?"


People online immediately started crying foul due to the history of domestic violence that occurred between Rihanna and Chris Brown. Many rightfully believed that the ad was insensitive to victims of domestic violence, including Rihanna herself.

Rihanna posted the following message on her Instagram story to her 60,000,000 followers:

"Now SNAPCHAT I know you already know you ain't my fav app out there! But I'm just trying to figure out what the point was with this mess!" the singer wrote. "I'd love to call it ignorance but I know you ain't that dumb. You spent money to animate something that would intentionally bring shame to DV victims and made a joke of it. You let us down! Shame on you. Throw the whole app-oligy away."


Soon after, users began deleting the Snapchat app from their phones, and the publicly traded company saw their bottom-line plummet.


According to CNN, Snapchat’s stock dropped 4%, causing the company to lose nearly $800 million in market value.


Snapchat quickly issued an apology to Rihanna, calling the ad “disgusting” and said they’re doing everything they can to make sure something like this doesn’t occur in the future. “We are investigating how that happened so that we can make sure it never happens again.”

Let that be a lesson to all that not only is it not EVER cool to make fun of domestic violence victims, but also never take for granted the power of Rihanna, her followers, and hip-hop culture in general and the value we add to these companies.

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