MARCH 14TH, 2018 | by Aamina Guidry

In the midst of students around the country walking out in protest for the numerous school shootings that have occured over the last few months and previous years, San Leandro High, a highly populated high school, was the victim of a shooting threat.


Early Wednesday morning, students around San leandro High immediately circulated a photo of a grizzly message that was written on a bathroom stall, urging their peers to share the photo. The message read, “I’m shooting the school tomorrow at 1. I’m sick of this s***. Better not come. F*** this place.”

San leandro High staff members immediately responded with a lockdown and a team of police officers to secure the school. Around 8 am on Wednesday, Laila Thompson, a Junior at San Leandro High, claimed as she was one her way to school there were numerous police officers surrounding the school, just as she recieved messages from her peers claiming someone threatened to shoot up the school.

The unfortunate irony of this event is that it is same day students have declared a National School Walkout to protest gun violence in schools. The National School Walkout follows after the Florida School shooting, where 19 year old Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people. While Nikolas Cruz stands trial for his murders, students stand to fight for justice and voice their new fears of attending school, and mourn the victims who lost their lives in such a tragic event.


While the threat at San Leandro High has not yet been determined to be a hoax or an intentional threat, it still sheds light on the importance of gun control in America. Currently gun laws across America have been scrutinized for the lack of assessments or background checks to purchase and carry a firearm.  


The problem of gun control has now trickled down to society's most sensitive population, the youth, causing great concern and importance of this issue.Many people including political officials, law enforcement, educators, and members of society debate the flawed laws of gun control. While some believe it is our constitutional right to purchase and carry a firearm, others strongly protest it is only a source of unnecessary violence and tragic events.


Social media, a tool many students utilize greatly, has only magnified the issue of gun control even more. As students become the victims of these heinous crimes, America brings its attention to gun control and what it means for our society. School that is a place for education, an escape for underprivileged kids, or a social environment for peers to communicate with each other, now holds fear for some students in America.

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