Sacramento rapper and artist, Signor Benedick the Moor, also known as SBTHEMOOR DMN.hntr aka the CYBR.pnk PRINCE aka BOBBY B. LEAVES, makes what he describes as “weird and experimental rap music”, along with artistic merch and add ons to go along with his brand. At only 23, SBTM has held his own in the underground rap scene, and is coming back for more with his 5th and 6th new projects, album TOYBOX and mixtape CYBR.pnk, which are both out now.


SBTM was nice enough to sit down and chat with me about his musical stylings and new projects.

So, what does your new music sound like now and how does it differ from your previous work? What inspired your change in sound?


I describe my music currently as cyberpunk, it’s like angsty groovy electronic rap with a lot of emo influence. *Laughs* it differs from my old work in that it's purposefully very electronic, almost to the point of a gimmick. I made 90% of my last mixtape on my phone and it’s obviously not professionally mixed or anything but it knocks! Because of the amazing technology we have at our disposal. And cyberpunk is like sci-fi but with punk shit, so I’m all about that lol.


How would you describe your creation and collab style?


My creation style is all about play, what feels fun what feels right. If it doesn’t start out fun I'm not gonna use it, most likely. When I'm with other people I usually try to judge by how the other person feels, but mostly the same principal. Even when the music I'm making comes from a painful experience or point in my life, it turns out to be pretty cathartic and "fun" in its own way.


So, why Emo and rap?


There isn't really much of a reason behind why emo and rap, I think it was a natural wave after Drake and Lil' Wayne. I'm pretty sure they're the ones who pioneered those sort of vibes in the mainstream. And I've always just used my lyrics as a way to figure things out so that kind of makes them emo no matter what topic I choose since much of growth is not fun lol.

How have you been dealing with a split audience opinion of your new work? why do you think there are people who are almost upset by your musical changes?


I’ve just been tryna have fun with the haters, and practice my backsass ‘cause it's fun. *Laughs* I think my music was much more judgmental when i was younger, and now that I'm older and I'm creating from more of a place of healing and having fun and challenging the very idea of judgement, it just doesn't sit well with the pseudo-intellectual-wannabe-fantano dorks who make nothing of their own *we both laugh*


What's your fave part of the new album?


My favorite part of the album is the last minute, it’s like the song during the end credits and since it’s so short and sweet I always want to replay it *Laughs.*


Why do we love Toy Box?


Toybox is a great listen if you want a sort of underground mirror to the mainstream. As the name implies, it's supposed to be fun, and I had a lot of fun making it, but it also has diary like lyrics reflecting some of the most trying times in my life.


So what are your plans now?


My next plan is to tear it up on the road in August  tourin’ with my boys in ruby yacht!!!


Catch SBTM on tour, through IG/Twitter @sbthemoor, and



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