People that know me know that I am a huge fan of original content. When I say original content I mean completely NEW ideas. With that being said I am starting to get sick of movies being revamped, animated movies getting live action versions and shows being brought back years after they ended. It makes me feel like people just aren’t creative anymore. I personally have so many ideas in my head that I don’t understand why ideas are getting recycled. However, the thing that irks me the most is the use of sampling in songs.

Yesterday I was on Spotify listening to new music. I listened to a lot of songs and realized that almost every new song had sampled an older song. The samples were not the kind where you can hear a small riff or an interpolation of the beat in the background, it was more obvious sampling where the song contains an identical beat and lyrics.

The most terrible song I came across was “Holding Back” by Sean Kingston. I was excited to see what this song sounded like, because I used to be a big Sean Kingston fan back in the day. “Beautiful Girl,” “Beat It” and “Letting Go” were all on my Ipod, no lie. But this new song… I absolutely can’t.

First of all, I love the song “No Letting Go” by Wayne Wonder. This song always get everyone to the dance floor and most people know the words. With such a melodic beat and Wayne Wonder’s vocals, this song is a definite hit. When I heard Sean Kingston’s new song I almost choked on the Cran Mango I was drinking. How dare he take a classic and mess it up like that?! It isn’t like he simply sampled the beat… he used the entire chorus and sang it WORD FOR WORD. I felt disgusted listening to this because it just sucked. And then he sang some mediocre ass verses… the song is just all bad. 

If you haven't heard the original check it out below:

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