Buzzzz buzzzzz buzzzz… I know everyone has been buzzing about the 3 new hottest couples on the hip hop scene, if not, you will be after this.

3. I actually think Offset looks like a hot ass mess on a daily basis, but his visual look definitely matches Cardi’s colorful hot ass mess personality! Dare I say it? I LOVE THESE TWO!


Just recently, Offset surprised Cardi B at her abuelita’s apartment in the Bronx. Homeboy literally pulled up with his goons and suitcases. Cardi answered the door just like we expected her too, in a night gown and bonnet. Home girl is realer than real and someone we can all relate to.


Cardi is currently fighting (and making it look effortless) for the #1 spot on the billboards, regardless of Nicki Minaj’s shade. Cardi B. would be the second FEMALE artist to do so! It’s bitter sweet; bitter because well, damn. How come we’ve only had 1 female rap artist (Missy Elliott, because I refuse to recognize Iggy Azaelea) hit #1! AND BODAK YELLOW DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A FEATURE! drops mic.


Do it for the culture: Make Cardi B. #1 on the charts!

2. “My nickname is Nicki but my name ain’t Nicole” – well Nicki, what does Nas call you? Inquiring minds would like to know.


The Queen of Queen’s just appeared on The Ellen Show and as usual, Ellen came through for us! Ellen is officially the Queen of Tea after her interview with Nicki. In response to an accidental boob popout, Nicki explains that she is an equal opportunity boob shower. “Neither of my breasts get preference”, says Nick. Ellen: “Does Nas have a favorite boob?” COME THRU ELLEN, COMMMMEEE THRU!


Nicki confesses that she prefers going to Nas rather than having Nas go to her. In Nicki’s opinion, Nas coming over her place is too forward. Nicki also shares that she planned to be celibate for a year, but she might make an exception because Nas is so dope.


The way that Nicki speaks about Nas, you can tell she highly respects him as a person as well as an artist. I mean… She call’s him “A king” like ten times during her interview with Ellen. Girl, he got you! I am absolutely here for it! I think they are to die for in every way.


As we all know, Nas is also from Queens and known as the “king of Queens”, while Nicki deems herself the “Queen of Queen’s”. #BaeGoals allday!


Watch Nicki and Ellen discuss King Nas:


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September’s #1 Couple…

1. #WokeBaeGoals is what we call Angela Rye and Common. This is my #1 couple for the month of September! If you’re black, you know who these folks are and if not, don’t admit it and just keep reading.


Angela and Common are the epitome of black excellence. Angela Rye is an attorney and the Principle and CEO of IMPACT strategies, a political advocacy firm in Washington DC., Angela is also a commentator on CNN and an NPR Political analyst. BUT have you heard Angela’s new Podcast On 1 With Angela Rye! The podcast is jam PACKED with black girl power! I love it.


Angela Rye paired with a black conscious hip hop recording artist, actor, poet, and film producer, is like ebony magic falling from the sky, can I catch a magic flake? Come thru Common!


Common surely knew what he was doing when he showed up on the Creative Arts Emmy awards red carpet with Angela on his arm. Common ended up taking home Emmys for the track “Letter to the Free” from Ava Duvernay’s 13th documentary. 


This dynamic duo has got me shook!


Do it for the culture: Check out Angela’s new Poppin Podcast!

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