Ever since I started blogging for, I considered showcasing the work of my good friend, Shane. Reason being, Shane is the embodiment of young, Black, and gifted. I wanted to interview him in person but that idea never panned out. And I knew that with Daily Dose of History coming up next year, I would not have a whole lot of time to interview people.


Shane Paul McGhie graduated from USC in 2016. When Shane and I met, he told me that he wanted to be an actor. I knew that he would make it, not simply because he has ‘the look’ but because when we were in our cinematography class together, he would always act for our projects and he was great at it.


In addition to being able to work with him on a soundstage, he frequently posts Snapchat videos of himself acting out the dialogue of a character he’s made up. But aside from the small projects and just-for-fun moments, Shane is making quite a name for himself.


Shane has acted in a number of projects. Most notably, he’s acted in John Singleton’s ‘Rebel’ (Carlton Silver) and ‘NBA 2K18’ (DJ). Although I could not get an in-person interview with Shane, I was fortunate enough to speak with him over the phone.

‘Foster Boy’

During my talk with Shane, we touched on a lot of things -- especially since we were catching up -- but there was one project that I wanted to talk to him about in particular: his starring role in the upcoming film, ‘Foster Boy.’ I caught Shane at a good time because the movie is still in production.


I really wanted to know more about the role that he is playing and figured that the readers would like to know more about that as well. Shane is playing Jamal Randolph. Randolph has struggled through life in the foster care system.


This film, written by Jay Paul Deratany and directed by Youssef Delara, sheds light on the operations of the foster care system. Did you know that the foster care system is run by syndicates that purposely place foster youth in unstable homes? This is done because each time a child is moved to a different foster home, these companies earn a profit.


Although it was difficult for Shane to hear the tragic stories from foster youth that he interacted with in preparation for the movie, it wasn’t difficult for him to support the mission of this project. Shane believes that it is his duty to tell the story of a myriad of foster youth in the best way that he possibly can.

Moving Forward

As of right now, there is no set release date for ‘Foster Boy.’ When I spoke to Shane last week he told me that there were probably two more weeks of filming that needed to take place and then the movie could go into post. Be on the lookout for ‘Foster Boy’ and please support my man -- the young, Black, and gifted -- Shane Paul McGhie.


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