CSUITEMUSIC seeks to create content that not only entertains, but that also impacts communities and promotes awareness around important issues of our time. CSUITEMUSIC will continue expanding to create partnerships that leverage media and culture to have a social impact.


In 2017, Stockton, CA Mayor Michael Tubbs' office partnered with Michael J. Payton & CSUITEMUSIC to create a visual presentation to explain the details of his bold plan to tackle income inequality in his community, by initiating a basic income pilot program titled SEED (Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration).

The video was widely circulated and featured in local and national news coverage, which helped to kickstart a national conversation around the idea of basic income floor for every American. A version of the concept that the mayor propose of $500 per month for working families has been adopted by Senator Kamala Harris as part of the proposed LIFT Act.


In the United States and around the world, women and girls still face incredible challenges when it comes to being treated equally. Here in the United States, we are currently engaged in a cultural shift in which courageous women and men are actively stepping up. Here's some of the content CSUITEMUSIC has produced to help advance the cause:

1. Reproductive Rights

2. Mayor Michael Tubbs on Equal Pay

3. NBA Champion J.R. Smith tweets out CSUITEMUSIC's article on Equal Pay for Black Women

4. CSUITEMUSIC produced the first in-depth documentary on Kamala Harris


In 2017 CSUITEMUSIC's Michael J. Payton worked with the Office of Mayor Michael Tubbs and Senator Kamala Harris to create a video about the San Joaquin Valley Leadership Conference in Stockton, California.


The summit gathered leaders to create an unified agenda to address health outcomes, education, public safety, and the economy in underprivileged communities

In the wake of the California wildfires that destroyed the city of Paradise in 2018, CSUITEMUSIC teamed with the Office of Mayor Michael Tubbs, NBA G-League team Stockton Kings, and the community leaders to build - a one-stop destination for Stockton citizens to donate money to support their neighbors in Northern California with the goal.

In 2019, it was revealed that the CSUITEMUSIC-developed website helped to raise more than $100,000 for the victims of the wildfires. 


CSUITEMUSIC was tapped to help produce the 2018 Governor's Volunteer and Service Awards in California which recognizes individuals and entities doing outstanding volunteer work in the State of California. Founder Michael J. Payton worked with the Governor’s Office and Disney to produce a video recognizing Disneyland Resorts as Business Volunteer Program of the Year.

CSUITEMUSIC worked with the California Governor's Office to produce a video campaign called "Why I Serve CA" to promote volunteerism and encourage citizens to join AmeriCorps. The videos are a part of Governor Gavin Newom's CA for All initiative.


In his in-dpeth conversation with Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, founder Michael J. Payton and the mayor discuss the issue of immigration and DACA.

In the wake of the tragic police-murder of Sacramento man Stephon Clark, CSUITEMUSIC produced a short viral video of Clark's relative giving a powerful and moving speech about the horrific incident.


In 2018, Michael J. Payton and his CSUITEMUSIC project partnered with Mayor Michael Tubbs of Stockton, CA and the Stockton Unified School District to develop and design the initial rendition of, a $20 million scholarship fund. The scholarship, funded by private dollars, provides funds to every graduating high school student in Stockton, CA to attend a 4 year college or vocational school.


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