With the entire NBA League scrambling to put together a team that can compete with the juggernaut that is the Warriors, I have one thing to say to them: ”Stop wasting your time!" For truly there is something divine going on at Golden State.


Curry is a  strong believer and gives all glory to God. His favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who  strengthens me.”


Mother Teresa and Stephen Curry may have more in common that just their headwear. In 2016 Mother Teresa was canonized as a saint after proof that she had performed two miracles (you have to have at least two miracles to be inducted into sainthood).


Using that standard allow me to make the case for Stephen Curry.

Miracle #1: Raising the Dead

In 2015, the Warriors - a team left for dead - win the NBA championship, led by Stephen Curry. Something that had not happened in 40 years, and longtime fans were convinced it would take a miracle to do.

Miracle #2: The Resurrection

Javale Mcgee was better known in the basketball arena as a regular on "Shaqin a Fool." After going to Golden State he has reinvented his game and has become a key part of their success this season

Miracle #3: The Blind See

Kevin Durant With his myriad of achievements could not see his way to a Championship ring. After joining forces with Stephen Curry he now has a ring and MVP finals honor.   

I would go on about Matt Barnes, Shaun Livingston and David West but the requirement is only two. Nick Young will touch the hem of his garment in the upcoming season. Perhaps I have stretched it a bit, but I can say his cup runneth over.  

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