MARCH 19TH, 2018 | by Deidre Curiel

We all do it. It’s 2 am and find it hard to even think of the word sleep, and doing everything but, seems extremely appealing. So I was trolling the internet and come across a twitter post from the famous, Steve-o, from the ‘Jackass’ franchise. We all know a guy like Steve-o, likes to party, but we question whether there is a fine line between being a party animal, or just being too much.


I don’t speak for everyone, but I wasn’t aware of how bad Steve-o’s addiction problems actually were until I came across his documentary on MTV that he filmed after a year of sobriety.


As a born thrill seeker, it’s no surprise that Steve-o loved to live life on the edge, but at what point do you say enough is enough? Dealing with an addict is tough because in their mind they don’t think they have a problem. ‘If you tried to tell me I had an addiction problem I’d either laugh at you or get incredibly angry” Steve-o exclaimed in the film.

Now ten years later, he is happy and he is back on track with his life, and his goals. He has recently found a new love that he met in Peru and brought her back to the States to spend their lives together, and he has a decade of sobriety to celebrate thanks to, not only his castmates, but his biggest allies: The Jackass team.

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