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Marketing has always been costly. Just look at how much companies pay for a 30-second slot during the Super Bowl. And in this day and age when startups are constantly developing, marketing is key to success. Which is why companies like Strength In Diversity are greatly appreciated and extremely necessary.

Strength In Diversity is a company that provides low-cost marketing to entrepreneurs and interesting individuals of color. They’ve featured both my Editor-In-Chief, Michael Payton, and myself on their website and as a show of our gratitude, we’re publishing this article about Strength In Diversity. Read all about them below:


Strength In Diversity was founded in July of 2017 by Kylan Clark. Clark, Strength In Diversity CEO, wanted to give back to his community, as well as, other ethnic groups. Thus, he created Strength In Diversity, a platform in which young individuals who are attempting to make a name for themselves can promote their work and connect with other people of color.


The idea of Strength In Diversity manifested when Clark’s mother sent him one of Dr. Boyce Watkins’ videos where he spoke of financial freedom. Inspired by Dr. Watkins’ message, Kylan decided to go into business for himself.

After receiving monetary support and encouragement from his sister, Kylan created Strength In Diversity LLC. For Clark and his fiancee, COO Shanna Richards, it was important to them that they assist others in realizing their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

An Elite Platform

Mission Statement: “To be an elite platform of professionals and entrepreneurs who are open and receptive to other young minorities searching for their own paths to take in life.”


In assisting others, Strength In Diversity provides a very important platform. By promoting the work of POC who strive to make their community -- and ultimately the world -- a better place, they bring much needed recognition to those individuals. But of course, Strength In Diversity does not simply promote any up-and-coming artist.

In order to be featured, Kylan and/or Shanna will review the artist’s work and then conduct a brief interview with the individual. From this interview, Kylan and Shanna will be able to determine if the individual’s motives align with Strength In Diversity’s mission.


Anything worth obtaining will inevitably be accompanied with challenges. Like most other new businesses, Strength In Diversity faces financial challenges. The basis for their financial challenges stems from the fact that their services are ‘low-cost’ to the artists and positive people that they promote.


Strength In Diversity provides advertising on various social media sites as well as, permanent listing on their website. Instead of charging an outrageous fee to the fortunate individuals who are showcased on the Strength In Diversity website, Kylan and Shanna simply ask that in addition to paying the small fee, you also purchase an item from their online store.


Their pro-diversity clothing is perfect for anyone who supports their mission. Strength In Diversity offers everything from T-shirts to hoodies which are ideal gifts for featured artists and/or friends and family members.


Kylan and Shanna have big plans to expand Strength In Diversity. With a strong belief in the term, ‘For us, by us,’ their goal is to hold networking events all across the country so that other entrepreneurs of color can find the inspiration they need in order to, “Take the chance on themselves.”


The ultimate goal for Strength In Diversity is to obtain office space where they will be able to provide much needed resources. Kylan and Shanna hope to connect people in search of “gainful employment” with members of the Strength In Diversity network.

Personal Note

Belonging to the Strength In Diversity network is an honor. Not only does Strength In Diversity provide you with free marketing, but they also connect you with like-minded individuals who possess brilliant ideas and unparalleled drive, and they acknowledge your hard work.

In today’s socio-political climate, the presence of organizations like Strength In Diversity is imperative. Show your support of Strength In Diversity and the trailblazing individuals listed on their site in a couple of ways: click here to buy something from their online store, and actively follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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