Ever since SZA’s debut album “CTRL” dropped last month, I haven’t stopped listening to it. SZA is super talented and I have been waiting for this album for a long time. Her mixtapes and features have all been amazing so I knew that the album would be nothing less than greatness. The album is 14 tracks and 45 minutes of neo soul. My top songs on the album include 20 Something, Doves in the Wind and Normal Girl, but honestly, I like every song.

My absolute favorite track on the album is The Weekend. It tells the story of a girl being a side chick and only getting to spend time with her man on Saturday and Sunday. In the lyrics SZA describes how she wants more time with her man and how the weekend isn’t enough. I like this song, because it’s deep. I’m not condoning anyone being a side chick, but the way that SZA describes the thought process of one is compelling.

The song Doves in the Wind featuring Kendrick Lamar is the third single on “CTRL”. This song is about sex and how men go out of their way to get it. When talking about her album, SZA described Doves in the Wind by saying “I have a whole track dedicated to vaginas”. The beat, lyrics and chemistry on the track is perfect, but I expected nothing less from the two artists.

Broken clocks is a good song and so is Waves. I just wish Waves was longer, because I love James Fauntleroy’s voice. 20 Something is one of my favorite songs and I can directly relate to it. Being in your 20’s is hard, because you are figuring your life out and trying to get everything together. SZA sings about how she wants to figure out her love life, keep all her friends and survive life’s obstacles in general. She ends the song by wishing everyone blessings and good luck in their 20s. I think this was the perfect way to end her album.

Now let’s discuss her features. As much as I would have loved to see artists like Drake, Rihanna and Tank on the album, the features SZA has are acceptable. She has Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar who are super relevant right now and then she has James Fauntleroy and Isaiah Rashad, who are also very talented artists. I like how only 4 songs out of 14 have features. It shows that she doesn’t have to have a feature filled album to generate sales.

SZA has an extremely beautiful voice, but I also like her stage presence. She performed Love Galore and The Weekend at the BET Awards last month and she killed it. Her look included comfortable athletic wear, natural, nude makeup and her signature poofy hair. This shows that she doesn’t have to do extra, she can just be herself. If you haven’t checked out the album “CTRL” listen to it ASAP! You won’t regret it.

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