So here is a serious question, what do you do for your birthday, when your place in the 20’s spectrum is actually starting to be closer to 30? We all know the famous ‘CTRL’ tour is in progress and in all honestly, so on and poppin. Again, I was thinking for my birthday, I wanted to do something fun and meaningful, and it just so happened my favorite artist was hitting up Chicago on my favorite day. St. Louis native, SZA, is on her North American tour for her newest album ‘CTRL’, and her and her openers are leaving all her fans speechless.

When I say speechless, I speak on behalf of all artists involved, Chicago singer Ravyn Lenae was the first to hit the stage and blew us away with her performance. The singer songwriter was just signed to Atlantic records and she is definitely getting some amazing exposure opening up for the legend of songwriters: SZA. She performed some of her songs from her album ‘Midnight Moonlight’ and believe me when I tell you, this young lady is a hell of a performer and delivers a show.

One thing is for certain, SZA makes sure that her fans leave with an experience. Another St. Louis born and raised, rapper/singer Smino is an artist you will never forget. His style is alternative rap with smooth R&B transitions and he loves to command the stage. He came out and put on for his latest project ‘blk swn’ and the mixtape has tracks you need to give a listen to.   

Alright so it's no secret that the star of the show is the last performer, the one, the only *loud crowd cheer*: SZA. Of course she started with ‘Supermodel’ and you guys the crowd went completely wild. The reason I believe in her work so much is that her career is starting to take off and already she has an entire crowd of people singing her songs word for word. The crowd sang along to her singles like "Drew Barrymore" and it was incredible to be in a sea of people who love and support someone with so much soul in her heart.


The show was more than words can even give justice, but my favorite part, not only was it my birthday, but turning 26 and not being where you want can sometimes make you question things. We all want to do great things and live to our potential and the journey can feel lonely. Just when I thought the show was over, Sza comes running towards the stage to end her performance with, my favorite on the CTRL album, ‘20 Something’. Life is so short, and music can truly put life and situations in perspective, so always invest in seeing your favorite artists and if ‘The CTRL Tour’ is headed your way I highly recommend you look into some tickets.   

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