SZA! SZA! SZA! Yes honey, I am loving me some SZA. Love Galore is on repeat in my ear buds. SZA touches on so many “situationships” that single millennials can relate to.

Love Galore has tons of favorite lines for me, but I’ll only touch on two (to save you time). The first favorite line sets the mood. I feel like a lot of us singles should have more of the “Done with these niggas, I don’t love these niggas, I dust off these niggas” type of attitude! Millennial’s are taking dating waaaaaaay too serious. If a man or woman does not want you or is not acting right? So, move on and dust them off. The sea will forever be full of fish, don’t trip.


If we as millennials were less serious about dating then it would leave more room for honesty. The biggest issue is being on the same page, which means communication. If you don’t want to be serious it’s ok, just be honest and say that. If you want to be serious, its ok just communicate it. You want to be matched with someone who wants the same things out of your relationship as you do.


My second favorite line from Love Galore is from the pre-chorus: “Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me”, this right here hits home. The guys are going to hate me for this, but what is wrong with yall? Why do you text a female meaningless text messages even though you know you are not about to take it anywhere meaningful? Dudes will text a female “good morning”, then ask her what she is doing all damn day just to end the night with “good night”. This will go on for extended lengths of time and six months later you realize you still don’t know crap about dude, why? Because he is NOT trying to get to know you, just wait you out. I have struggled with this big time in 2017. I finally realized that it was MY fault. I would allow a guy to continue on with lame conversations via text rather than ask me out to converse face to face. I got tired of it, so you know what I did? I BLOCKED THEM ALL! Why? Because holding my phone all day is wack and I would rather have more in person interactions while enjoying life.


Some men will never stop weighing down our text messages. The best way to stop this behavior is to call the dude out; “hey, I notice that you text me at times and then fall off leaving me and our conversation hanging. You are probably busy, which I understand. I ask that you only reach out to me when you have time to talk with me.” Or even, “Hey, I don’t like texting really so I barely respond. You are better off calling or making plans with me to talk in person.”. These are all lines I’ve used, and guess what? THEY WORK! The guy is going to do 1 of three things: Fall back, come harder, or disregard what you said and continue to be a fuck boy. The first two is what we want. If you get the third, BLOCK him. He does not take you serious as a person and that’s a no no.

SZA’s Love Galore is a musical contradiction. She is a boss chic dusting niggas off left and right, but she is still caught up in her feelings and wondering why her dude has one foot in and one foot out. At the end of the song there is a skit: “But see, Solana, if you don’t say something, speak up for yourself, they think you stupid, you know what I’m saying?


A lot of us need to find our voice in the dating world. We need to communicate what we want, what we don’t, and what we will not tolerate. Once that’s all settled is when the fun begins…. 

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