Last Sunday I attended The Culture Junkies first Culture Cookout at Roderick’s Restaurant at 2708 98th Ave. in Oakland, California. This was The Culture Junkies first event of the summer and I must say it was a good event. The ability to dance, socialize and order a barbecue plate all at the same time was everything anyone could ask for.


The event was from 3PM to 8PM and I got there at around 5. When I walked in, I heard the sounds of DJ Big Cali and observed everyone turning up. As soon as I got there, I headed inside the restaurant to order myself a plate. The restaurant had a special menu just for the day party that included pulled pork, chicken and catfish (YUM!). I ordered a catfish plate and I must say that it was worth it. The catfish melted in my mouth and the baked beans and potato salad complemented it perfectly. I’m honestly pissed I’ve never heard of Roderick’s before, but now that I know what's up, I definitely won’t sleep on them! This restaurant serves quality food and provides excellent service.


After DJ Big Cali, DJ Criddy, who was celebrating his birthday, was next up. He started to DJ and quickly got the crowd lit with all of the new hits and throwbacks from the early 2000’s. But I wasn’t surprised, because DJ Criddy NEVER disappoints. While some people danced and ate there were also games available that really made this event feel like a cookout. There were people playing dominoes at some of the picnic tables and in one corner there were people playing Connect Four. The only thing missing at this point was a basketball court LOL, but the games were definitely a good addition to the cookout theme.

The last DJ for the event was The CME- the person I consider the Bay Area’s BEST DJ. He had it rockin with throwback hits like I Know You See It, Drop it to the Clap and Wipe Me Down. I am happy that he had the last set, because he had the crowd lit until the very end. He even played all the interactive songs we hear at cookouts like The Wobble and the Cha Cha Slide. These songs definitely made everyone get out of their seats and off the side lines to participate.


Ultimately, The Culture Junkies implemented all the necessary tools to make the Culture Cookout a success. All the DJ’s were great, the food, the games and the energy overall. The founders were all at the event and played a key role in engaging the crowd. Throughout the event I noticed Sean on stage, Cory on the mic hyping everyone up, Cam engaging with the attendees and Aaron going dumb in the crowd. The energy from the founders are what make these events unique and exceptionally worth while. To make sure you don’t miss the next Culture Junkies event, make sure you follow them on IG at @TheCultureJunkies and check out their website at!

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