Gun control issues continue to trickle into the weekend after a week of protest movements by High School Students asking for stricter gun laws to ensure the safety of students. Last Tuesday, a teacher, Dennis Alexander, from Seaside High School, about 100 miles from San Francisco apologized for pointing his gun at the ceiling to make sure it wasn’t loaded when it fired. One student claimed he had bullet fragments lodged in his neck when the bullet hit the ceiling.

What is concerning to the community is why this teacher brought a gun onto campus when he was not authorized to carry on campus. Another concern is why he chose to test his gun inside a classroom, during class hours, rather than off campus grounds. This brings up the debate whether teachers should be authorized to carry weapons on school grounds in order to defend against attackers. However, in this situation alone, it proves that teachers are not trained mentally nor physically to hold a responsibility that is meant for law enforcement.


While Students fought for their safety rights on Wednesday, many are promoting even more guns to be allowed on campus, while students and many other members of society claim adding more armed people to the equation will not make gun violence go away, it will in fact make it worse. The rise of gun violence in America has risen due to the loose gun laws across many states in America. Many states do not require mental health assessments or background checks prior to purchasing guns, allowing almost anyone to choose between a wide gun selection as well as purchase an abundance of ammunition, which should be investigated on.


While no one at Seaside High were seriously injured, the fact that students must face the reality of having firearms on campus is misleading and detrimental. Students who should be focusing on schoolwork and post graduation should not be subjected to worrying if they're teacher is carrying and if they know how to properly use the weapon. This should not be a concern for students, especially with exponential death toll of students from deadly school shootings.

Alexander was placed on administrative leave and apologized for his actions, however, when will enough be enough for these kids?

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