May 24th, 2018 | by Aamina Guidry

On May 18th in the early morning, in Sante Fe Texas, students had just begun their day starting with first period. Shortly after, a horrendous massacre unfolded.


Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a seventeen year old student of Sante Fe High School, walked into school armed with a sawed off shotgun and pistol before he proceeded to open fire in an art class. He barricaded himself inside the school, hiding from the barrier of police officers that surrounded the school soon after reports of gunshots were delivered to police.


Early in the rampage, a Sante Fe ISD officer was shot during the negotiation period while Pagourtzis was still barricaded inside the school. Soon after, around seven fifty in the morning, three people who died from gunshot wounds were found inside a classroom. In total, ten people were found dead and more than a dozen people were wounded and taken to the hospital.


One student,  fifteen year old Isabelle Laymance, was in art class drawing geometric shapes when she heard gunshots. She remembered running to the backdoor that led out to the patio, but it was unfortunately locked. She along with several other students barricaded themselves in a supply closet as they played dead to avoid detection from the shooter.


Pagourtzis soon walked into the classroom, which he knew students were hiding in the closet and said, “Surprise” before he started shooting. He repeatedly tried to get into the closet and kept shooting at the closest, in all, he had killed up to two people in that classroom and shot a girl in the leg.  


The shooter eventually surrendered after the long ordeal, and stated he did not have the courage to take his own life as he previously planned.


Among those unfortunate to have lost their lives, include Jared Black who had just turned seventeen earlier that same week. His favorite class was art. Another student, Shana Fisher was also in the art room during the attack, and had just turned sixteen. Fisher had months of torture from the shooter who persistently asked her out though she rejected his advances on numerous occasions. Soon after his multiple attempts, she had embarrassed him in front of everyone during class one day. A week later, she was the first to be shot and killed.


Aaron Kyle McLeod was a fifteen year old freshman who friends described him as having a cheery kindness that was seen by fellow peers and adults as well. Of the ten people who were killed during the shooting, the other two were teachers. Glenda Perkins and Cynthia Tisdale were both loved and respected by  their students.

While there is no clear concrete motive to the attacks, students described Pagourtzis as a quiet loner. It is clear he manifested signs of narcissism and entitlement, however officials are still looking deeper into details.

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