Anna Williams from Berkeley, CA. is an extremely knowledgeable beauty guru who holds three

professional licenses in esthetics, manicuring and cosmetology. In addition, she founded her brand 'The Painted Pretty'. Recently she sat down with CSUITEMUSIC for an exclusive interview:

 1. What inspired you to create the Painted Pretty?

The painted pretty is image, Most of us want to “paint a pretty picture" of ourselves. We paint an image that we so cute and have everything together. Most of us want to be painted pretty and there's nothing wrong with that, it's fun and makes the day better. I am inspired to look out for women like me who love makeup, colors, nails and skin care, but also love and enjoy how they look when they first wake up in the morning. I embrace being naturally pretty which in my opinion doesn't mean less, it just means getting educated about what you put on your body and making your natural beauty your first priority.


2. How did you promote your business and become one of the leading manicurists in the Bay Area?

 Word of mouth and Instagram.

3. According to your bio you hold ownership of three professional licenses. Can you elaborate on those?

A license is what a beauty provider needs to practice or work in California. Some examples are esthetics, manicuring massage, and cosmetology. I started off as a makeup artist and went to school for esthetics (skincare) then manicuring and finally cosmetology. Normally if you want all three you would do the cosmetology program, but I'm very happy with the way I chose to do it. I am currently a licensed esthetician and manicurist, awaiting my state board for cosmetology.

4. We saw that your motto is “Only by nurturing your inner beauty can your outer beauty truly radiate." What does this mean to you?

I'm really not sure who the author is, but I like it a lot.because it points that you have to start on the inside. I think this means making sure your happy and healthy and not just painting that pretty picture of yourself but having it together inside out.

5. Seven years ago is when your career began. How was the journey to get where you are today? Were the courses intense or second nature to you?

Everything comes really natural and easily for me. I'm truly made for this career. I don’t have to put in much effort at all and my results have been amazing, I can only imagine where I can go if I really put my mind to this, focus and give it my all, which is something I struggle with because of day to day distractions.

6. What does a typical day look like for Anna Williams?

Everyday is different, even though I try to keep it consistent. I'm a young single mom and a business owner/ nail technician so everything you can imagine on any typical day.

7. We are curious to know what kind of music you are into. What artists are your favs and why?

I guess I'm feeling Saweetie right now. She is cute, and laid back, more my style. But honestly, I hate when songs get stuck in my head, because I need room to think.

8. There is a blog on your website with advice and tips. Is writing one of your passions as well? And if not what inspired you to include this blog section?

I love to write, it's definitely one of my passions, it's therapy.

9. Being a nail tech must be so rewarding. Do you have personal relationships with most of your clients?

I have pretty personal relationships with all my clients. When they sit in my chair they always feel comfortable enough to share things with me or vent, and there's times when I'm comfortable enough do the same thing.

10. Before you pursue this career, what were your career goals? Do you hope to pursue these goals one day?


This a good question, everybody who knows me knows I always wanted to be a fashion designer and make dresses. I actually got myself into FIDM, but had to drop out when I  got pregnant. I never thought I would end up doing nails eyelashes and waxing full time, but I'm really lucky, because I love it all. Fashion is something I will get back to eventually.

11. Since you are perfectly capable, do you do your own nails or have someone else do them? Or maybe you can’t have nails, because of your job LOL. Please explain.

I specialize in natural nails and how to preserve the strength that's very important. It's always better to have healthy natural nails. For that reason I do my own nails. Unfortunately I do have to consider my work when doing my nails, so I don't wear them as long as I would like.

12. In your opinion, what do the cutest nails look like? Please describe in detail.

This is a hard question, It really depends on my mood. I would say as long as your natural nails are healthy and strong that’s all that matters.

13. What plans do you have to progress before the year is over?

I never tell my next move, but I'm excited about where I am and where I am going.


14. How important is it that you have a support system?

I'm not sure, like family, friends, clients, work? I feel like I support myself more than anything. I make sure I'm okay and I believe the universe wants me to win as well. My support system is knowing my fate regardless of any obstacles. I hope that makes sense LOL.

15. How can our readers connect with you for a Painted Pretty glow up?

They can follow me on my Instagram and send me a DM, I follow back.

To get your glow up and see some of Anna's work, follow her on Instagram at @ThePaintedPretty and check out her website

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