August 26TH 2018 | BY Anthony Bradley

Everyone in life has their own responsibilities, whether it's providing for their family to even simply attending school, however, not everyone lives up to their role. Recently, modern rappers have let down the industry by failing to represent and support positive values and morals. While these letdowns are often left uncriticized, there is plenty to be read between the lines. In a world filled with hate and violence, it is necessary for celebrities to own up their title and advocate positive values.

Streaming services over the years have been one of most defining forms of success for a multitude of modern rappers. From SoundCloud to Spotify, these companies have been fundamental in the process of making careers for rising musicians. Because of modern technology and streaming services, it is easy to make a name for yourself in 2018. With a surefire way to get your name out there, it must be understood that not everyone will be remembered for long. One-hit wonders are a staple of popular music throughout the decades, and the same idea applies to rap music. Some names will be long-lasting while others will be a forgotten piece of history. With a potentially limited lifespan, it is mandatory for rappers to make the best of their celebrity status. The biggest impact one can make in this position is to support the youth and future of the world.

The prime issue with this new generation of rappers better known as "mumble rappers" is the fact that they haven't been the most charitable people. This is a stark contrast to the previous generations of rap. Artists from Chance the Rapper to Master P have shown that it is important to give back to their communities for the greater good. These kind acts benefit society in a multitude of ways. While these rappers are supporting the youth, they also benefit from their actions with reports from the media. Publicity is one of the strongest tools for building and maintaining a career, thus giving back to society benefits both sides. If these responsibilities that are bestowed upon celebrities can only result in positivity, why aren't modern rappers playing their part?

Modern rappers seem to lack the empathy and compassion that is required for maintaining a successful, everlasting, and impactful career. These basic human traits go a long way and even the smallest of contributions can influence hundreds if not thousands of people. When comparing modern to the older generations, some of the biggest and well-known names have been actively giving back to the community. Big Sean notably donated at least $100,000 to the city of Flint, MI while others such as The Weeknd have taken a stance politically and donated money directly to movements such as Black Lives Matter. Whether the money is for clean water or equality, no dollar is wasted nor forgotten. For these artists, these amounts of money are pocket change to them, however, its impact is unending. 

There is a reason why "old heads" have begun to speak out more and criticize the new generation of rappers. The older generations understand the process of contributing to society while still being beneficial to themselves. With a net worth in the millions, someone such as Lil Pump could easily give even the smallest amount to make an impact on society. It is the responsibility of older generation members such as 50 Cent, J. Cole, and Joe Budden to push the newcomers to their limits and show them the way to making a better tomorrow. While Joe Budden may come off as an angry old man who hates "mumble rappers", it is imperative to read between the lines and understand that these veterans of the industry understand the responsibilities and actions to take that will make a difference in society.

Anthony Bradley is a contributing music blogger for CSUITEMUSIC

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