Just like everyone else I love me some Drake, Beyonce and Rihanna. A lot of mainstream artists get widespread media attention and that is great and all, but what about the talented artists you rarely ever hear about? The artists that continue to produce amazing music, but no one ever gives them recognition?  Because I am obsessed with many artists that I feel people are sleep on, I have decided to compile a list of my top 5 favorite underrated artists. If you aren’t a fan already make sure you check them out!



Eric Bellinger is for sure one of my favorite artists. This singer/ songwriter has written songs like Lemme see by Usher and Fine China by Chris Brown, but he has released a countless number of his own mixtapes. Eric's last mixtape Cannabliss, was released right before the unofficial holiday 4/20. Other mixtapes that you must listen to ASAP include Eventually, Born 2 Sing Volume 1 and The Rebirth. I like Eric, because his soulful voice reminds me of 90's RnB. My favorite songs by him are Irrelevant/ Company, Hangover and ASAP.


RnB singer Keke Wyatt is known for singing on tracks with Avant. The tracks they collaborated on Nothing in This World, You and I and My First Love were released in the early 2000's. Earlier this year, Keke released Keke Covers where she covered popular tracks from artists such as ZAYN, Beyonce' and Rihanna. Just last week she released a new single called Summertime and it is fire! It has a country music vibe but is still soulful like all of her tracks. Listen to this new track and reminisce on summer memories.



I discovered Ella Mai on accident. I was listening to music on Spotify and my playlist ran out so they played a song similiar to that of the songs on my playlist. The song that played was 10,000 Hours. I instantly was like YASSS! Once I realized that she was DJ Mustard's artist I was even more excited. After moving from London to the US and being discovered via Instagram, Ella signed to DJ Mustard’s 10 Summers label. Her mixtapes Time, Change and Ready all have songs that you can play all the way through without skipping a track. My favorite songs by Ella are Anymore, My Way and Switch Sider.


You may remember Tee Flii from his hits This D and 24 Hours, which came out in 2015. After that he released a lot of mixtapes, but nothing has really gone mainstream. His latest Mixtape July 4th was released last month and has nothing but quality tracks. The tracks Hair, Naked and She Do are my personal favorites. The beats are slapping and the lyrics are A1... this mixtape is perfect to blast in the car while you're driving.


New artist Julia Michaels just released a mini album called Nervous System. I heard her singles Issues and Uh Huh on the radio and I instantly became a fan. The mini album only has 7 tracks, but every track showcases her vocal abilties. Pink, the 6th track on the album is super fun and pop- ish so it my favorite track by default. Ever since her album release last week, I have been playing it on repeat.

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