For years now, singer songwriter ‘Toro y Moi’, has been bringing us music with his unique pop, psychedelic, indie sound. Signed over 6 years ago to ‘Carpark Records’, the artist has recorded just about six albums, providing us with that impeccable sound almost once every year and we can not get enough.

   Singer Toro’s, real name Chazwick, originated as a native in South Carolina. However, he has now fully immersed in the Bay Area, and currently lives in Berkeley California. Chaz is known for his ‘chillwave’ style and sound. Regardless of being pushed into the chillwave genre, Chazwick states he does not identify with that and has tried to make his own sound and his own ‘wave’.

  Alright so the purpose of all of this? Toro y Moi is back! Not that he ever really left because he’s always here for us dropping at least one of his projects at least once a year, but yes back to the point, he’s back ‘again’.


Now here's the deal, what we love so much about Toro? All of the infinite sounds up his sleeve that just work. His previous album ‘What For?’ has more of that 70’s,80’s band feel, with so many instruments involved in the project. If you have not already, I suggest you listen to ‘Buffalo’.

   So what does Toro y Moi have up his sleeve this year, ‘Boo Boo’. No it’s not a term of endearment towards you, it’s the title of the singer/songwriter’s new album that dropped on July 7th. You guys listen when i tell you, you must, I mean you absolutely must scope this album out wherever you can find it and listen to every single track. Normally, i know most of us can be very picky with our music taste and if someone drops an album, you might only truly rock with a few actual songs. However, every single song on ‘Boo Boo’ I promise you, you will heavily vibe with.

 The intro for the album ‘Mirage’ is super funky, yet hits you with a nice bass you want to bop to while driving to work in your car. ‘No Show’ is the second track, but hold up, it has a deep sound for all of you hard thinkers and the lyrics are worth listening to. Now for all my romantics out there, fear not, Toro y Moi has a special place for you in the song ‘Girl Like You’, and we’re living for the pop undertones and subtle autotune, as Chaz describes a specific girl that has us all bugging out.

  Other hits on the album like ‘You and I’, ‘Labrynth’ are also worth tuning into, and for the sake of not giving too much away, I'll let you all decide what you think. Don’t forget to leave us comments and give us feedback on what you think!

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