If she doesn’t know what TRL is, she is too young for you. Do any of my 90’s babies remember MTV’s hottest music, talk show that set the bar for all music, talk shows today? So many aspects of the show brought music and pop culture up to what it is today and TRL built the infrastructure for us to speak about music in all spectrums.

For those of you that are not truly sure what TRL is, or was even about, I’ll give you the lowdown: the acronyms stand for ‘Total Request Live’ and the term is verbatim. The show brought you the hottest music hits and placed each and every one of these bangers on a countdown from least favorite to most. Celebrities utilized TRL to promote their work and even actors came on as special guests to also market their most recent projects, shows, movies etc.

One of the greatest parts of TRL were the guest performers. On every episode there was always one musical act that would wrap up the entire episode. Occasionally, either the performer was a veteran to the music industry or TRL would bring someone completely new to the table which started off the career of many musicians you see on TV today. And get this everyone: the original host was Carson Daly. There were so many other hosts who got their start on TRL including Vanessa Minnillo, who is now married to Nick Lachey and LaLa Anthony.

Since the show ended in 2008, there have been rumors that the show would return. In 2014, speculations that the show would return for one day circulated where Ariana Grande would be the host (Total Ariana Live). Again in 2016, the show aired for National Voter Registration Day, with hosts and performances.


Amongst other types of talk of the show coming back to life, on April 18th, 2017 MTV made a statement that the show would be making a comeback as ‘MTV Live’ instead of its origin TRL. So regardless of all of these dates, in July 2017 MTV made its final announcement that the show would come back and reclaim its original name: TRL, and will be returning October 2, 2017.


The music industry is alive more than ever before. There are so many different genres, and even bringing in some old styles and mixing it with the new. TRL should be more alive than ever before, and who wants to miss out on new music and new artists?  

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