The ‘True To Self’ tour is without a doubt making an impact on the list of shows to see in 2017. However, let me tell you this, Bryson Tiller is not the only major star on the lineup. The openers are truly some of the best I have ever seen and an excellent build up to the incredible musically inclined headliner, ‘young tilla, young tilla’.

   At the Aragon Ballroom on September 15, the whole audience was truly blessed with R&B’s most mysterious and upcoming artist ‘H.E.R’. The approach of the singer was to appear a secretive stage presence, as she kept her face hidden and appears on her albums as just a melancholic silhouette. Ok so back to the music aspect of all of this, she started with one of her hits on her second album ‘Vol. 2’ called ‘Say It Again’ and to be honest I was so surprised the crowd literally knew it word for word. She continued on with a few other songs like ‘Focus’, ‘Wait For It’ and a few more. It’s safe to say that ‘H.E.R’ set the bar very high for the next performer.

  Alright but let’s be honest, this next performer has enough credibility to make you never question his talent or skill when you hear his name: METRO BOOMIN. I know the capitalization is a little much but I think I make my point when I say how big time this producer has become. Young Metro got the party going playing all of his hits from ‘Bad N Boujee’, brought it back with ‘Shake That Laffy Taffy’ and even played one of his most current hits ‘No Complaints’ featuring rapper from ‘Migos’ Offset. It’s safe to say the audience received the greatest warm up prior to the main event.

 With all of this being said, the tour not only has the perfect balance between some smooth hip hop and R&B and some energetic trap music to get you off your feet, Bryson Tiller truly knows how to give his fans what we all want. Starting with some of his new music from his album ‘True To Self’ like: ‘Run me Dry’, ‘Don’t Get Too High’ amongst so many others, however it didn't stop there. Young Tiller also graced us with why we fell in love with him in the first place, you guys he played some of his songs from his album ‘Trapsoul’. He sang ‘Let Em Know’ and ‘Exchange’ and when I tell you the entire place busted out in song, I'm speaking on the most literal terms.

  From the energy of the crowd, to the location, which was beautiful by the way if you’re ever in Chicago check out the Aragon Ballroom, ‘True To Self’ was a show to remember. Although the star of the show shut it down, the crowd was so present for openers and so excited and also sung along the entire time. One of the best shows to see this year hands down if you have not yet seen Bryson in concert, he only gets better and better.   

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