Hello, America. Trump has made yet another effort to dismantle the positive change that former president Barack Obama worked so diligently to achieve. During his administration, President Obama managed to demilitarize the police force. Although humble, it was the beginning of what could have developed into some small form of trust between POC and the police. Throughout his administration, Trump has made concerted efforts to tear down what President Obama has built. Unfortunately, he has been able to do so with relative ease.


CNN reported that Trump has managed to re-militarize the police force. It won't be long before we see cops in riot gear exhibiting their hypersensitivity and finding any excuse to kill another member of the Black community.


In 2015, the Obama administration issued an executive order that prohibited the transfer of surplus military resources to the police force. This order was issued after the protests in Ferguson were met with resistance from police in riot gear. President Obama’s executive order prevented the police from having access to armored vehicles, grenade launchers, and high caliber weapons. Now, Trump’s administration has made plans to override President Obama’s policy and re-militarize the police force.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Trump’s new initiative on Monday and was met with a standing ovation. In his speech, Sessions stated "We are fighting a multi-front battle: an increase in violent crime, a rise in vicious gangs, an opioid epidemic, threats from terrorism, combined with a culture in which family and discipline seem to be eroding further and a disturbing disrespect for the rule of law," Sessions went on to say that lawlessness will not become the new norm explaining that officers will have the “lifesaving gear that they need.”


Many Civil Rights groups have spoken out against this new executive order, arguing that the re-militarization of the police force will only make things worse. There is an apparent lack of trust between the police and the communities they serve. The police view many communities, predominantly Black and brown communities, as unpredictable, violent and unruly communities that must be met with force. With having access to military weapons and vehicles, the police are able to implement scare tactics and excessive force if they feel the need for it.

With every policy that Trump passes and every order that he issues, the fall of the Obama-era and the rise of the white supremacist-era is more and more apparent. This must be one of Trump’s policies that will supposedly “make america great again.” The next time there is a protest in support of Black lives and the struggle we face everyday, should we be prepared to face a militarized police force riddled with trigger-happy officers and their military arsenal pointed directly at us? It would seem as though Trump is preparing to wage a war. Although he may be in bed with Russia, he has made enemies with a number of other countries around the world, while tearing America apart. Trump is pitting the people of America against each other, and he is pushing this country backwards. Is Trump pushing this country towards a second Civil War?

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