If you haven’t heard of Verrit, please switch lives with me so I can go back to the before time. If you have heard of Verrit, you already know it’s the already failing “media” site dedicated to Clinton voters that claims to “collect” and “contextualize” politically relevant information and verify its accuracy. Once the news information is verified, it’s given a seven digit “code” that can be used to search for various data. If this sounds confusing and nonsensical, well, I have good news, it’s not you.

Verrit is already a failure. Mocked by sites all over the political spectrum (even Gizmodo is taking shots at this equivalent of a 20s era printing press fire), it’s only possible utility could be to serve as a constant reminder of how far behind the Democrats have been left in the digital age. Not only will literally no one utilize this monstrosity, it will only serve to further convince the lowest forms of political life that they’re the out group and Share Blue style Clintonians are ruining their world.


The very idea that someone is going to keep track of a seven digit code on a meme long enough to go to a third party site and plug in the code to verify the accuracy of the meme is preposterous. It would be more convenient to hire a Rockwellian paper boy to ride his bicycle around town, find the creator of the meme, and physically beat them with his bike lock until he confessed as to whether the meme was accurate or not. This is a train wreck optically, conceptually, and practically.

The actual worst part is the smugness with which this site has been touted by the corncobiest of centrists. The New Yorker during the Bush years would blush how proudly Verrit is being endorsed. It accomplishes literally nothing, and just further removes any sort of authenticity left in digital media, and attempts to commodified behind a Hawkish gatekeeper.


I’m sure after thinking more about it I’ll come up with more problems with this nonsense, but in the meantime, let’s just conclude with the fact that Verrit is the first real, substantial thing endorsed by Hillary Clinton. She commented on this travesty before commenting on DACA or the escalation of nuclear tensions with North Korea, the two biggest news stories of the week. This is a person that, according to some savvy political commentators, is actually considering running for President again.


The biggest knock on Clinton in 2016 from the voting left was that she was out of touch, not only does this cement that view permanently, it helps draw a clear line between those that realize she’s out of touch, and those that do not. Verrit is a symbol for everything wrong with the Democrats in the digital age, and the sooner it dies the better for us all.

Dylan James Harper is the Chief Political Editor for CSuiteMusic
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