Let’s all take a second to thank Donald Trump. You may be wondering why we should thank him. Is it because he’s the best president we’ve ever had? Definitely not. Is it because he has finally made ‘America great again’? How can something that was never great be great again, is a mystery? This indicates that America was great at some point throughout its blood-stained genocidal history. Sorry, but that’s not why either.

We owe Trump a big ‘thanks’ because he’s proven some of us right. For those of us who know that racism still exists, we should thank Trump. In the short time that he has been president, Trump has affirmed what we have been saying all along. The racism that many people argue died during the Civil Rights Movement is still very much alive.


Trump has absolutely no filter. He says whatever he wants, about whoever he wants, whenever he wants to say it. He obviously does not care about political correctness. As the president of such a diverse country, Trump has a responsibility to all races, nationalities, and cultures. But, Trump couldn’t care less.


Being the president, Trump now has more of an efficacy to be as openly bigoted as he wants. As if that isn’t bad enough, Trump has passed that same efficacy along to all of the bigots in America.


White supremacist groups have openly demonstrated across the streets of America many times before. Cops have openly killed Black men, women, and children, as well as other POC, and have faced little to no repercussions. And, students on college campuses all over the United States have exhibited their superiority complex.


Remember the racist chant that was being sung by the Oklahoma University chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity a while back? Remember how white fraternities and sororities were up in arms about the creation of the ‘Black House’ on Fraternity Row at the University of Southern California? Racism on college campuses is nothing new.


Just last week, our Editor-in-Chief wrote an article about the incident that took place on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. It was decided that a statue of Robert E. Lee, a Confederate General in the Civil War, would be removed. As a result, a group of neo-Nazis rallied in order to protest the statue’s removal.

Firsthand accounts state that as the neo-Nazis and alt-right groups stormed the University of Virginia’s campus, they were shouting phrases that were said by the original Nazis under Hitler’s leadership. Counter-protesters demonstrated against the neo-Nazis, who were throwing rocks, tear gas, and other objects at them.


The large group of white supremacists consisted mostly of men who shouted racist and sexist words of hatred to Black and white counter-protesters. As the white supremacists marched with their burning torches in one hand and their other hand extended acutely from their persons, cops in riot gear stood on-guard and helicopters hovered overhead.


During the demonstration this past weekend, chaos reigned over Charlottesville, VA. 32 year-old Heather Heyer was killed by a white supremacist, James Alex Fields, Jr., who drove into the crowd of counter-protesters. Along with the woman who was killed, 19 other counter-protesters were injured. Fields is now being held on multiple charges including suspicion of first degree murder.


Also, amidst the mayhem, two state patrol troopers were killed while assisting the public safety resources. The two troopers were killed when their helicopter crashed in the middle of all of the commotion.


In addition to Fields’ plummet into the counter-protesters killing one and injuring 19, and the two troopers who were killed in the helicopter crash, a reported 15 injuries were sustained over the weekend. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe addressed the white supremacists telling them that there was no place for them in Charlottesville, the state of Virginia, nor in America.


What did President Trump have to say about this issue? Trump, the same president who criticized both former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for not naming radical Islam as terrorists, failed to do the same thing this past Saturday.

At a formerly scheduled bill signing, Trump took the opportunity to address the chaos in Charlottesville. Trump Stated, “We condemn in the strongest possible term this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, many sides.”


After some backlash against the president, the White House issued a statement that the “many sides” that were involved in the protest and killing included the KKK, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and all extremist groups. President Trump, however, never condemned the white supremacist groups, nor did he refer to them as terrorists.


Careful analysis of the statements issued by Trump and the White House express very similar opinions. Although the White House condemned the white supremacist groups involved in the protest whereas Trump did not, the White House also condemned “all extremist groups.” Many Civil Rights groups have been considered extremist groups.


The Black Panther Party, including the New Black Panther Party, The Nation of Islam, The Fruit of Islam, etc. have been named extremist groups. Even Marcus Garvey was deemed an extremist for attempting to bridge the land gaps between all people of the African Diaspora with his Black Star Line.


If some Black civil rights groups have been deemed extremist groups, then isn’t the White House’s statement just as careless and neutral as Trump’s statement? People must understand that if a Black person, or any other POC, doesn’t feel like an American, that is not his or her fault, nor does their lack of patriotism make them extremists. POC are victims of systemic racism that is perpetuated tenfold, especially now, during Trump’s Administration.


Our hearts go out to all of the victims and their families who aided in the struggle for justice against bigotry.

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