On Friday, January 5th Chicago rapper Cupcakke released her third studio album Ephorize and it’s safe to say, this is her best work yet. We take a ride on the Cupcakke train into a world of sex, money, struggle, gangsta shit, self-love and reflection, mixed with club and hip hop beats, with a little bit of an island sound that keeps audiences on their feet and shaking their asses. The 20 year old is taking the rap game by storm and while 2017 was Cardi B’s year, 2018 might just be the year of The Cupcakke.

A couple of standout tracks from the album includes “Exit” a song about empowering oneself to leave a shitty “situationship.”

“Cartoons”, a song that truly showcases Cupcakke’s fun, creative, sexual, and comedic lyrics, along with her ability to switch up her flow and tempo. With lyrics like:” I'm a snack so I attract Scooby Doo's Give 'em Smurf dick, that's balls blue I don't look for n****s so fuck Waldo Bitch, I'm cocky like Johnny Bravo” the rapper is hard to overlook.

Ehporize starts with a quick two minute song, in fact called “2 Minutes”, as sort of a self- reflective piece, a common theme throughout the project and can be heard in other tracks like “Self- Interview” and “Wisdom Teeth.” What many fans appreciate about the artist is her honesty about her life and experiences, and how she shows humility, as she says “I eat ramen just to humble myself” (Wisdom Teeth).

Cuppcakke stays true to her sex-positive signature style in the tracks “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” and arguably a Trina/Khia-esq absolute banger “Duck Duck Goose”, a track that may be her nastiest song. Throw in a homage to the LGBT community, who take up the majority of Cupcakke’s fanbase, with the song “Crayons” with lyrics as follows: “boy on boy girl on girl like who the fuck you like, fuck the world”, the rapper shows her love and appreciation to her fanbase. With another banger like “Navel”, Cupcakke reminds us that she’s no one to mess with and has street cred to prove it. Cupcakke is a fun, energetic, hilarious, sexy, and is ultimately unapologetically herself and Ephorize has solidified  her stay in the rap game.

Palmira Muniz is a blogger

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