You can say what you want about Young Thug, however, one thing you can not take away from him is how progressive he is as an artist. The rapper has made it a point to make a statement on breaking gender stereotypes, creating a safe and smart atmosphere for our youth and on top of that making amazing music.

In 2015, the artist from Atlanta, landed a feature, along with a photo shoot, in Dazed magazine. The shoot was very controversial, as the Georgia native had a specific picture with a sheer dress with a tutu attached. Speculations started brewing and allegations that Thugger was gay were going around in the industry and other news outlets.

The greatest aspect of Young Thug as, not only an artist, but as a person, is that he could care less what people think about him. In an interview for Dazed magazine he makes it clear that ‘There is no such thing as gender’ and with that said, he embraces his gender fluidity. In 2016 Thugger released his album ‘No My Name Is Jeffery’ and the cover had us taken back. The garment worn in the photo was a part of the ‘Annodami’ selection created by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone. Once again the rapper capitalizes with one photo that his interest in labels is far from what interests him.

Other than breaking stereotypes, Young Thug has a soft spot for our youth and the decisions many of them have to make when it comes to their bodies and lives. State governor from Indiana, Mitch Daniels, stopped funding four planned parenthood clinics on June 30th of this year (2017). That same day, Friday, the rapper decided to donate proceeds to his show in regards to his new album ‘Beautiful Thugger Girls’ in New York City.

On twitter, Thugger himself typed ‘I was a teenage parent, planned + unplanned parenthood is beautiful.” With his own experiences, the rapper has his perspective when it comes to being a young parent and embracing his open opinion on what gender means to him and why it should not matter what you label yourself as. We love him for his willingness to put his own money, reputation and opinion on the line to pull us all forward into what is becoming a new and accepting time.   

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